YouTube is a winner social media platform that allows watching videos. Users are enabled to showcase live videos to their audiences.

Now, YouTube is bringing good news for its users with updated live streaming version.

The current live streaming through YouTube is a way difficult when compared to its to-be-launched live stream from a desktop computer version.

Earlier YouTube live streaming includes multiple processes, but the new procedure will be ever simpler and that will start with one click.

Steps for new live streaming

  • Go to
  • Then click on “Go Live”.

YouTube Live Streaming

*No need to download and install any surplus software.


  1. New YouTube live streaming is to be used on Google Chrome as of now. It will be introduced to more browsers later.
  2. The objective of the upcoming video display is also to make it easy for mobile users. YouTube will select Android devices and will enable them to live streaming directly from the mobile camera.

YouTube tries its best to make users rejoice their live streaming experience in more sophisticated way.

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