YouTube is here with an update where it would be removing channels from its partner program and that means the channels will not be able to do content monetization.

The reason for removal can be the violation of any of its policies, but the users have been asking questions are about duplication.

What does YouTube consider duplicate content?

Duplicate content is not only about violating copyright.

YouTube partner program says channels can’t monetize their content when it adds value and is original.

In some cases, the channels can repurpose content from other sources.

Channels can still go for monetizing repurposed content if put significant original commentary, educational value, or high-quality editing.

Even though a channel gets commercial use rights to utilize the content of other channels, it will still not be eligible for the YouTube partner program before meeting the above criteria.

Examples of content removal for duplication

YouTube can go for removing content for duplication if:

  • It has automatically generated
  • It has been taken from third-party sources without making it original
  • The video upload tricks to enter YouTube’s copyright detection tools.

What next if your channel got removed for duplication?

Channels removed for duplication are given chances to update or remove their content to fit with YouTube’s policies.

After updating or removing the duplicate content, channels can reapply for the YouTube partner program in 30 days.

YouTube will then review the application and decide whether to reinstate the channel or not.

Then YouTube will review the application and whether to reallow the channel or not.

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