To make your advertisements a bit more interactive, Googleowned YouTube will now bring 360-degree video ads on Chrome, Android and iOS.

Earlier, YouTube first introduced 360-degree videos in March, but it’s now bringing the offering to TrueView ads. With TrueView ads, marketers are charged when users have watched at least 30 seconds of the ad or when users specifically visit the advertiser’s landing page.

With this new feature offered, users can drag their mouse along directional arrows to watch the video from all different angles.Users can change the orientation in a 360 video ad and see different facets of the spot simply by moving their phone.

The company says 360-degree video can deliver higher levels of consumer engagement than traditional video ads.The 360-degree Coca-Cola video celebrating the 100th anniversary of their curvy bottle had a 36 percent higher view rate than the standard video, pointed out the report.

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