YouTube is testing new ways for advertisers to purchase masthead ads.

What is a YouTube Masthead Ad?

It is a video unit that emerges at the top of the home feed on desktop and mobile, both.

These ads are generally reserved by one marketer per country per day.

The platform is now letting advertisers purchase masthead ads on a cost-per-thousand or CPM basis.

Along with this, advertisers can make the audiences custom which they want to see the advert.

YT 1

The placement will stay as a reserved purchase. Impressions will be assured across campaign flights ranging from a single day to seven days max.

YouTube lays emphasis on the unique advantages of masthead ads. For instance, there is 10X growth in watch time from content on the home feed in the last three years.

Masthead ads significantly influenced ad recall.

“The added flexibility that CPM buying enables, combined with the appeal of the YouTube Home feed, means the potential impact of the Masthead has never been greater.”

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