YouTube is eyeing to add a fact-check box in search results for the topic that use to misguide or misinform the users.

As per Buzzfeed News, this feature is available for global users, but as of now is available to some users in India.

A YouTube representative tells BuzzFeed News-

“As part of our ongoing efforts to build a better news experience on YouTube, we are expanding our information panels to bring fact checks from eligible publishers to YouTube.”

See the example of YouTube which says what information panels appear as-

YouTube 1

YouTube is expected to be working on this feature along with numerous third-party fact-checkers.

The fact-check box will automatically declaim false suggestions by pulling information from those third-party websites.

Videos having misinformation will still show in search results, therefore the fact-check panels warn the users about what actually they’re getting into.

YouTube can’t completely remove content bringing misinformation with it unless it also violates the community guidelines of the platform.

Rather the platform will debunk the wrong claims in search results in order to prevent the viewership of videos having misinformation. Although, users can still move ahead to watch the videos they want to.

Fact-check panels are not for preventing users from accessing the content, rather they’re for more information to users.

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