With so many people visiting your mobile website these days, you need to make sure you get their attention right away. A big part of this involves writing excellent copy that will help visitors get what they need from you, as soon as they visit.

But you may be thinking, I’ve already got a landing page for my products and people are using it and making purchases? However, have you considered how your landing page might be affected and viewed by mobile users?

While desktop and mobile landing pages may not differ in purpose, there are a couple of things you’ll need to remember in order to make people convert on these pages. If you’ve ever accessed a website on your smartphone where you need to zoom into the pages to read it and can’t quite use all the features easily, you’ll know the struggle this causes. Also, bear in mind that over 50 percent of all internet traffic now comes from a mobile device, so this is a demographic you simply cannot ignore.

Statistics show that the average landing page achieves a conversation rate of around 2.35 percent. However, the same source shows that around 25 percent of all landing pages are converting less than 1 percent of their traffic, but the top 25 percent are operating above 5 percent. From a business perspective, you’ll want to aim to get your landing pages into the top 10 percent where your conversion rates are 11 percent or above. Here are some tips for writing great mobile landing page copy — and making sure it converts.

#1 Write a Short but Effective Headline

First thing’s first — you need a headline that will draw the reader in. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, the Washington Post published an article back in 2016 stating that 60% of internet users shared content or commented on posts only based on the headline. This shocking statistic simply goes to show the attention span of internet users and the importance of writing an engaging headline.

Within your headline, you should tell them what you’re about but more importantly, the benefit for them. On mobile, you’re going to need to keep your headline short. You’ve got less space to work with, so do the most with what you can.

Take Squarespace, for example. Their headline when you visit their site is ‘Make it happen’. It’s only three words, but it tells you what they’re about, and the benefits of using their service. Try and keep your own headlines to five words or less, and really try and pack a punch with them.

This technique also needs to be applied to other features of your website, such as your page titles, your page slugs (the page name in the URL of your website), and your calls to action. This helps the reader to understand directly what you’re trying to communicate to them, makes the content easily digestible and helps to ensure the content fits nicely onto their mobile devices with minimal formatting required.

#2 Benefits over Features

While this is a tip that could apply to both desktop and mobile landing pages, it’s an essential one nonetheless. When you’re describing your products or services, it’s vital that you talk about the benefits that this purchase can make to the lives of your customers, rather than simply listing out the features.

While your product may have a million different features that make it stand out from the crowd, nobody is going to want to buy it if they can’t envision what this product or service can bring into their lives. When writing for mobile landing pages, you can do this simply by using bullet-pointed features rather than paragraphs of text.

#3 Cut Down on Unwanted Words

You just don’t have a lot of room to work with on a mobile landing page. Whatever you’ve got to say, you’ve got to say it quickly. Now’s the time to work on making your page concise, by cutting out any words that aren’t directly related to your product or service.

On average, a mobile reader will spend about 40-50 seconds looking at your landing page. That’s not a lot of time, so you’ve got to get the reader’s attention right away. Write your main point right at the top of the page.

However, it’s not just about what you cut out; it’s about what you include, too. For example, say you mention you’re ‘the best Italian restaurant in New York.’ That doesn’t mean anything to the reader. Instead, really emphasis what your business or website can bring to a customer and their life.

Remember that when a user is reading your content on a mobile device, you only have limited space in which to use, and a lot of your space you’re going to want to keep plain and white so the landing page doesn’t come across as messy or crowded and manages to maintain its professional design.

#4 Highlight Your CTA

“Your landing page is designed to make people do something,” says landing pages content writer Andrew Ferguson from Elite Assignment Help. “You’ve got to make that very clear when you’re writing for mobile”

Make sure you’re focusing on one Call to Action on your landing page. This could be asking customers to sign up to a newsletter, get a promo code, or take advantage of a limited time offer. That CTA needs to be prominent on your website. Many writers choose to do this by including a prominent button on the page that customers can press.

As we mentioned above, try to keep your calls to action short and sweet, so the reader can easily identify it and understand what the next step of their customer journey is going to be. For example, check out the Netflix homepage where their call to action simply reads ‘Join Free For a Month’. This is direct and specific and there’s no room for misinterpretation.

#5 Use Tools That Will Help You

There are plenty of tools out there that will help you write a landing page for mobile, put some of these to the test:

#6 Optimize Your Screen Space

On a desktop computer, you’ve got lots of room on the screen to work with. That’s why most writers can add in lots of information for their readers, to keep them interested and engaged. On mobile though, this doesn’t work the same way. The more clutter on the screen, the busier it is, and the less likely it is your customer will find what they want.

The best way to deal with this is to remove as much clutter as possible. The most popular mobile landing pages are those that are as simplified as possible, helping the reader find what they need right away.

#7 Simplify Forms

Yes — forms are a form of copywriting that you need to consider on your landing page. On mobile, fat thumbs make it difficult to type in your information precisely. Readers can get fed up very quickly trying to fill in a form. If it takes too long, they’re just going to give up and go away. If you find your conversion rate dropping, it’s time to simplify your forms.

Keep the information you need from a reader to a minimum. If you want them to subscribe to a newsletter, for example, all you should need is an email address. The fewer form fields, the better.

#8 Invest in Your Landing Pages

These tips are all designed to make your landing pages better. Use them when you’re designing your mobile landing pages, and you’ll see that they become less cluttered, more useful, and have a much greater impact. Try them for yourself, and you’ll see just how much of a difference they can make to your readers and therefore your business, not forgetting the tools that are there to help you along the way to maximize your success.

#9 Implement Customer Testimonials

Nothing sells better than the social proof. Take a look at any huge shopping or product selling website, like Amazon for example. There are a ton of product reviews on the website for each various product which helps the customer decide whether the product they’re buying is right for them.

When you’re writing your mobile landing page copy, be sure to add some customer testimonials so these are one of the first things they see. Statistics show that online shoppers will trust other online shopper reviews, just as much as they trust the recommendations of their friends and family, so failing to include them could cost you those all-important sales.

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