Yes, you heard right. YouTube, a well-known video sharing site owned by Google is planning to launch a paid content platform for their specialist video channel partners.

YouTube has recently sent a mail to all their video creators and account holders confirming that they are planning to launch paid monthly subscription package which will allow the users to watch videos without any ads in between. The authority also reported that the revenue collected from subscription will be shared with the company partners so called video creators.

With the implementation of the new feature, the users will have to pay around $10 for a month allowing them to watch ad-free videos and save the videos for offline use.

This is not for the first time that YouTube is coming with paid service. In May 2014, Google owned video giant also started a paid subscription service for the users for watching videos on certain channels.

In November 2014, YouTube had launched a similar service “YouTube Music Key” offering ad-free music and video streaming with a payment of $7.99 a month and now YouTube is taking a giant leap forward and moving towards a huge step to start ad-free video service with $10 a month. At the verge of fantastic completion of one decade, YouTube has decided to launch this service.

According to “the sources familiar with the matter” The Verge, YouTube will share 55% of the collected subscription revenue among the video creators. The creators of the videos can put their videos behind a paywall so that only the paid members can view it.

YouTube officially refused to declare the date of starting the service but however with some sources it came into notice that the changes will go into effect on June 15, 2015.

Below is the letter that youtube sent earlier-

youtube letter to channels partners



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