AT Kearney Global Research recently conducted an international study and generated a report titled ‘Connected Consumers Are Not Created Equal: A Global Perspective,’ which revealed that with 53% number of users connected to internet every waking hour in India is higher than the global average of 51%. AT Kearney Global Research is a London-based leading global management consulting firm.

“The continuous online connectivity is becoming a phenomenon in India with 53% of respondents in the country saying they are connected to the internet every waking hour. That is higher than 51% global average, 36% in China and 39% in Japan,” said the study titled ‘Connected Consumers Are Not Created Equal: A Global Perspective.’

The research that covered 10 countries and involved 10,000 respondents was conducted in July this year.

The report also emphasized on the fact that how with social networks becoming a major influencing factor, online retail in the country is being significantly impacted due to continuous connectivity.

“97% of the respondents from India said they have a Facebook account with 77% saying they logged in to the social network daily,” said the study.

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The three key motivations for people in India to be continuously connected to internet, as revealed by the study are:

1) Interpersonal connection

“94% of internet users in India find connecting with other people a key motivation for going online. This factor is the highest among Indian respondents!”

2) Self-expression

The second key motivation for Indians to go online is sharing opinions with others through the internet. This trend however is seen more in emerging markets and places where offline self-expression is limited.

“88% of internet users in India cite this factor (sharing opinions with others through the internet) as the main reason for staying connected to the internet!”

In fact, the factor is a big motivator in China as well where 89% mentioned it to be the reason for staying connected to the internet compared to the global average of 62%.

3) Access to services or products and making purchases online

“92% of internet users in India go online to access services or for shopping!”

Source: The Times Of India

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