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Email marketing is associated with a plethora of benefits that we are going to discuss in detail in this article but one of the most compelling reasons to use email marketing is its return on investment (ROI).

A recent study found that email marketing brings in about $40 for every $1 you spend, which is one of the highest ROIs for any type of marketing.

I know the stat is indubitably very impressive and that anyone would want such returns on investment. However, you desire more information to make an informed decision.

It’s true! If carried out effectively email marketing would of course give you the best ROI but then again you need to make strategies prudently, implement them well to guard your marketing pitches from junk mail trap, follow a few guidelines to make your emails more clickable and must be aware with facts that impact your email marketing efforts and outcomes.

This is why we went ahead, did a deep research and have come up with some real good ways email marketing can help your business.

1) Email marketing can increase sales

You would certainly want your email efforts to pay off in sales as well and this can be done by sharing information about your business through emails as emails let you help customers see how valuable your product or service is. We have discussed in detail as to how email marketing can increase sales for your business in our previous article however let me throw some more light on it and explain you in detail about what kinds of emails bring in the most sales.

Even you might know it that sending a variety of emails to your customers happens to be the best way to increase sales through email marketing but did you know that there are a few types of emails that can get you more sales than others. Let’s have a look to few primaries of them.

Promotional email

It cannot be denied that a great deal can entice any customer as it helps them save a few more bucks and in turn your bottom-line gets boosted. So, remember, never limit your promotional emails to things like “Don’t miss our 50% off sale” and include other perks too like a free product trial or free shipping. You can see the example of one such email below.


New arrival email

This one actually works if you want to spread the word about a hot new item, service or update that arrives at your store. Including a link in your email can make shoppers to make a purchase instantly. For instance, you can see below how Apple Inc. does this with its new products.


These emails can of course boost sales but you can’t sell 24*7 as your customers expect more. However, it is for sure that every email you send can get customers one-step closer to making a purchase. They help you increase brand awareness, establish a relationship and build trust, which altogether contribute a lot in inciting the purchase decision of the customers. So, sending a variety of emails is the best strategy.

2) Emails increase your recall value

Emails increase your business’s recall value by serving as gentle reminders about your business and keep your product or business remain top of mind to your consumers. Although, all emails are more about staying in touch with customers and less about selling but then again, there are a few emails that are specifically meant for it, some of which are:


Sending company newsletter regularly is a wonderful way to update your customers about your business. As far as the newsletter content is concerned, sky is the limit. A small history about the business, information about an upcoming business, employees information, industry-specific news and tips or anything of that sort can do the work.


A holiday email

The holiday emails are a great way to keep your customers informed about your offers when a holiday rolls around. It could be a three-sentence email wishing your customers Happy New Year and offering them a discount.

3) Keep customers coming back with regular delivery

Customer retention is as important as customer acquisition and that they account for the actual growth of a business to a great extent, which can be achieved by building a lasting relationship with the customers. Emails happen to be a great way to do so. Reaching out to your customers regularly helps you encourage them to make another purchase. Like all other purposes, there are emails specifically meant for this purpose as well i.e. bringing customer back to the sales cycle.

Reorder emails

Now what is a recorder email? Suppose you are selling cartridges for printers, now you can send an email to a customer two weeks before the cartridge is set to run out. For this you will need some kind of tracking for sure but then it’s a great way to promote repeat business as this how you remind customers that it’s time to purchase if you have a product or service that is consistently needed.

‘We miss you’ email

It is as simple as that! Sending a simple email that says “We miss you” even including discounts at times is a nice way to entice those customers to come back again who seem to have fallen off the sales grid for a while.

4) Emails can establish your authority

Let your customers know how knowledgeable you are through your creative emails and establish yourself as an authority in your field. Let your customers know you know your business inside and out by providing value to you customers. Baseless bragging never worked and will not work now also. Moreover, chances of such emails getting shared are higher and they boost virtual positive word of mouth for your business. Let’s have a look to few email types that help you accomplish this task.

Product use tips

Through such emails, you can help your customers use your product more efficiently and productively as they give them helpful advice. Offering maintenance tips or highlighting features of a product is a great idea. For instance, if sell ornaments, you can send emails that educate customers on how to prevent their tarnishing.

Industry news

Now, it’s obvious that if your customer is using a product, they will find that product or the industry related news helpful and interesting. Hence, give them information they care about by highlighting news in the industry. You can tell them about new deduction news if you sell tax software.


As we talked earlier newsletter is a great way to share news, tips, how-tos, events and even a promotion or two however to them more valuable and informative you can make use of a mix of information.

5) Emails help establish and nurture relationships

It’s in all of us! We all rely on those we trust. Isn’t that? The same goes with business as well. Sending regular emails helps you establish and nurture a relationship with your customers. You tend to make a personal connection with them through emails by doing a virtual handshake with them. Anyway, again, there could be a of emails serve this purpose, but here are a few that are perfect for relationship building such as:

Welcome email

You can do it in the starting by sending a welcome email introducing your customers to your company and its product & services, when they signs up for your email list. A quick welcome email with a promotion or a welcome email that offers more information are some ways of doing it.



Newsletters are multipurpose and they again help you by making your customers feel connected to your company.

Testimonial email

Now here come the testimonial emails that you can use to share customer reviews as it helps you reaffirm your customers’ choice in your business. So, it actually work wonders if you’re nurturing a relationship.

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