It has been one of the biggest concerns for the young students to decide the field of career that will go well with their skills and interest. Every year lacks of students pass out their respective graduation examination and are ready for job hunting. Every one of them wants the same thing a secured career and not barely a job. Some of them have preplanned about what they really want to do however some of them are yet to decide which field to make career with. However, for both of them there exists an industry which is growing at quite a faster rate at present and even have a very promising future and that is the digital marketing industry.


Came into existence recently but have got immense popularity because of the pace at which the technology is improving these days and on top it people making use of this fast-advancing technology at a faster rate. Digital marketing is for sure going to have something for everybody the way it is getting applied in all other forms of industry. Almost all the companies are transforming most part of their marketing to digital marketing for the n number of reasons digital marketing proffers you. This is a sign of more and more job opening in the field of digital marketing as that is already happening.

The fact that digital marketing industry is growing at a rate of 30% which is higher than any other industry is not hidden from anybody. However, here we have a few reasons as to why young job seekers should pick digital marketing as the field of their career.


Competition is too low

Digital Marketing 611 The digital marketing industry as we all know is a new industry so there is very less competition as very few people posses its core knowledge but the demands are high.

Growth rate is 30%

Digital Marketing 621 The industry is growing at the rate of 30% which is highest amongst others. So you being a part of this industry can grow as well.

Future is secured


Digital Marketing 631 As per the recent research and studies this industry will keep growing for few more years to come. So it is the best time if you want to join this industry as the growth rate is at the peak. Besides, since this industry is never going to sleep as the advancement in technology will only get better letting you new things to learn at your work. So the demands will only increase securing a good future for you.


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Abundance of jobs


Digital Marketing 641 As the industry is new and very few people are well versed with the digital marketing tactics, the job opening is large in numbers. Organizations need skilled people and they need them now.

Growth rate is very high


Digital Marketing 651 This industry has the highest growth rate at present than any other industry. Since it is a new industry so not many people are in it at present but the demands are high. So if somebody enters in it now the probability of them getting promotions and hiked salary increases.

Easy to understand


Digital Marketing 661 The best thing about digital marketing is that it is a very easily understandable skill. Anyone can master it as all of us are surrounded by digital devices and connected to internet for most hours of the day. We cannot imagine our world without Facebook and Google. Now all we have to do in digital marketing is to just market products and services using what we love doing already. That’s what makes it so interesting and easy to understand.

Hence, if you are hunting for a job that will not only help you get the money but will also guarantee you a secured career you must not take the risk as it is the crucial time of your life and should pick the industry that is already booming high and will let you boom high with it. Well! The message is conveyed however the decision will be yours so identify your skills and interest and step in to an industry which will provide you all the six components that we have discussed above or more.


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