Digital marketing has become the need of the hour and that you have to have an online presence, an online visibility in this fast progressing digital era. And, to have an online visibility, you need to have a website. But then it’s not as easy as its sounding I mean having a website. There are lot of complication involved in website planning and creation.

Just having a website doesn’t mean, you will be able to engage traffic and make conversions , which happens to be your ultimate goal. So, you actually need to brainstorm ideas about building and designing quality sites that do exactly what they’ve set out to achieve.

However, there are still a lot of marketers who are unable to realize the criticality of a website and end up facing some major impediments in the business growth and smooth revenue generation. Crucial elements of the web design and build process when ignored and discounted cause major problems further down the line. Take cooking for instance, you can’t just throw any old ingredients together and expect the food to be tasty and healthy. To get a wonderful end result you need to do thorough research and prepare yourself before pulling together all the right ingredients. If cooked incorrectly, you end up with an unappetizing meal that no one wishes to eat.

The same goes with your website. You must strategize your website the right way as you will always want to make sure it achieves its objectives. So no second-guesses about how a website should perform without any real consideration otherwise you’ll only encounter more problems further down the line.

A few questions to be answered before website planning and creation

• Why do you want a new website?
• What is its purpose?
• What do you hope to achieve?

Answering these questions will help you understand how your website should work.

What’s important?

The initial stage of web development should be paid proper attention and that you should never underestimate it. It is extremely essential to vigilantly plan and mull over your target audience at all times, even before you consider the web design or the sort of content you’ll be adding to your site.

Hence, planning the website is utterly important because lack of a proper plan in place will make you make second -guesses about what will and won’t work.

Why don’t you take the example of your product? Would you ever launch your product without even considering the target market? No! Right? You would never want your time, effort, money and resources to go waste and so you would always carry out thorough research into everything that’s related whether it is the branding, the packaging look or even the types of retail outlets that would go well with that target market. Hence, like you would never stumble into something like that sightless when it comes to the launch of your product, you should never do that in case of your website as well.

The power of careful planning


A careful planning not just saves you from wastage of time, money and resources but that it helps you generate revenue unconditionally. Trust me it happens! Your website can act as a lead rather revenue generating machines provided you don’t make the gaffe of guessing how your website should be. So, if you are planning to have a website for your company, don’t ever undervalue the cost-effective power of meticulous planning.

Its good if you are doing it all yourself, just make sure to answer all the relevant questions we discussed and make a blue print accordingly. However, if you are planning to hire a web design professional or an agency , ask those questions for sure and on top of it ask them clearly to maneuver a website that will meet yours and your customer’s requirements. You need to make sure that the agent you hire takes the right approach as there is, of course, a large investment at stake.

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