Learning needs a lot of perspiration, hard work and often very boring business of life but don’t worry I am not here to threaten your nerve, don’t worry. I am here to make your learning a fun. Right now we are going to talk about something, which is actually very interesting to learn.

In this digital era, a lot of us need to use internet and of course the browsers. But which browser do you prefer. For me it is Google Chrome for sure. I know it’s even for many of you. But for those who are still a bit skeptical of using it, let me walk them through a few amazing features of this awesome browser.

• It happens that we close a web tab by mistake and then we find it hard to get it back, but in Google chrome, we can get it back by pressing Control+Shift+T.

• Sometimes it happens that we read a page and we forget where the line in the webpage is. It is very easy to find, just press Control+F or command+F and you will find the specific terms on the page.

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• This is likely to be possible that we don’t want to keep any history in my computer due to some personal reasons and good thing is that it is possible by just pressing Control+shift+N in Google Chrome.

• Tell me how many times while working you need to go on YouTube to watch your important things and it is very irritating that you are bombarded with advertisements. Don’t worry there is a solution for everything. You need Adblock Plus. As the name sounds exactly it works in similar fashion.

Now you must agree that learning is fun with Google Chrome and you will too apply this trick of learning in your day to day life.

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