We all know that India went through a mild recession last year. Inflation was at an all-time high in the country. Prices went up and salaries got a major hit. There were no jobs in the market and it seemed as if a long term recession had arrived in the country. The impacts could be seen this year as well.

But did that affect the digital marketing sector?

Perhaps No!

Digital marketing industry with a growth rate of 30% remained the highest growing industry in India and the world while all other industries were struggling with a growth rate of 10-12% only. Not only this industry survived but in fact thrived in recession.

Let’s see why

The Cost-effectiveness

122 No matter whether its recession or what, you are bound to market your business. Of course you might reduce the budget to some extent but you cannot do without marketing. So, your budget happens to be one very important factor that makes the digital marketing to take charge of your business even during recession, for it is relatively very less expensive than any other marketing tactic and yet so impactful.

The Flexibility

222 How about if you had the opportunity to target your audiences while TV or News paper advertising I mean if you were able to show your ads to different segments of your audience differently. Sounds wonderful! Right? But you cannot! However, when it comes to digital marketing you can literally segregate your audiences into different segments according to various factors like location, age, time and so on and show them ads differently. So, this gives you the power of leveraging your advertising according to your requirements. So, again you don’t need to throw your moolahs randomly but can make a very prudent investment.

The Measurability


315 The old saying is “I know half my marketing dollars are wasted. I just don’t know which half.” This is what happened with your conventional marketing. You weren’t getting to know as to where you were heading to with conventional marketing except for the return on investment (ROI) that you can calculate with the help of readership and footfall. You were putting in a lot of effort and money in your conventional marketing venture but were unable to measure your marketing performance. This is one more field where digital marketing scores high i.e. in assessing your performance. The tool called web analytics in digital marketing offers you with immense metrics to track and evaluate your marketing venture at its every level. So, you can make alterations to your digital marketing campaigns according to the results that you get and save money that was going waste.

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These were only a few things that make digital marketing to thrive even during recession. There are a number of other advantages that make digital marketing a must for every company especially during recession.

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