Wondering what to do after high school or graduation?

Whether to take admission into the next-level course or start earning right from that age?

There are hundreds of questions like above and it was completely true in the ’90s. People who want to study will have to prefer study, and can’t do part-time earning.

But, the time has changed and so, the technology and people. Today, we’re living in a digital era where the features on the web can be accessed from anywhere and anytime.

There is no limitation to accessing specific information and thus earning remains no challenge anymore.

Digital marketing is a stream which is suitable for high school as well as graduates; appropriate for those who want to make a full-time career or freelance or both.

One will unstoppable after learning digital marketing and as it is a career-oriented short term course so can be preferred over a university degree as well.

1. Career-Oriented

A professional digital marketing certification helps you when you’re looking to achieve particular career goals in a short period of time.

Career-oriented courses geared toward PPC, Content Marketing, SEO, SMO, and these courses offer curated content for professionals to sharpen their skills in those particular areas over a broad marketing education.

On the other hand, university degrees have a long-time scheduled course and unassured return-on-investment as most of the courses don’t have placement structure.


2. Saves Time

If you enroll for weekday digital marketing course, you can grab your certificate in nearly 3-4 months depending upon the skills of trainers.

If you enroll for weekend digital marketing course, the training will complete in 6 months and that is the maximum duration for any digital marketing course.

If you compare this to attaining a university degree, digital marketing certification eminently saves your time.

3. Cost-Effective

Digital marketing courses can be accessed in the minimum fee compared to a university degree fee.

So, why there is a difference-

Digital marketing certification courses take lesser time, so, organically the operational costs would also be lesser.

Also, most popular digital marketing certification courses like DSIM’s Masters in Digital Marketing are online as well as offline, so there is no such big cost for operating even on a larger scale.

See this course modules, you’re not only getting training in an advanced digital marketing course, but also free tools (nearly of the total course fee, certificates from premier institutes, and job placement).

Aren’t they cost-effective?


4. Always Most Advanced Course

Today, people are highly money-minded and look for earning money right from starting their high school.

So, technically they require a course which is not their mainstream course but offers features of a state-of-the-art course.

So, what could be better than a digital marketing course which saves time, cost and in return offer contemporary knowledge to run a business online or earn by sitting at home.


5. Anyone can Learn & Earn

The door of digital marketing courses is open for all. There is no age limitation to grab a digital marketing course certification as a business owner to high school pass out lad and from old age individual to a graduate can enroll to it.

One can learn for doing a job in a company or by earning at sitting on a couch. The road is always accessible.

6. Creating a Specific Skill

Most of the digital marketing course helps create a particular skill set, like PPC specialist, SEO or SMO expert, content marketer, web analytics master, and others. Each of these skills helps individuals to get job roles that are in high demand.

On the other hand, a specific university degree allows you to get more theoretical knowledge rather than a practical one and qualification in only one subject.

Thus grabbing a job role becomes difficult as they create a limited skill.


7. Widely Accepted And Recognized

If you talk about the credibility of current digital marketing certifications, many of them are more valued than numerous university degrees.

One reason for the value of these certification courses is that large MNCs are recognizing the value of these professional courses and thus agreeing with the certification providers.

As companies are lacking suitable professionals so they’re struggling with a skills-gap crisis. This makes digital marketing courses demanding and recognizable as they produce contemporary talents.


Which one to prefer a digital marketing course or a university degree of both?

Digital marketing course doesn’t stop you from completing your university degree. You can grab a digital marketing course certification even after pursuing a university degree. Both courses can be accessed simultaneously.

Here are 7 reasons why a digital marketing course certification is better than a university degree?

So are you ready to enroll?

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