White Hat SEO Techniques

Are you wishing for your website to rank higher on Google’s search page?

Well, Wishing is not all that you should do, you must be practicing relevant techniques on your website to rank it higher.

Here, Learn which White hat SEO techniques can have the most salient result on your website and how you can double, triple, or even 10X your website traffic.

But before that do you know what “White-hat SEO” is? If you aren’t completely aware of it, then let’s dive into it quickly.

As with any industry as big as SEO, you will find many different opinions on the most effective method of website optimization.

Although many of these strategies can work, and the “best” idea is largely subjective, there is one difference you need to keep in mind: White hat SEO and Black hat SEO.

Black hat SEO techniques twirl around unethical Search Engine Optimization Methods that are against Search Engine Guidelines. For eg. Keyword stuffing, publishing bad posts, etc.

There are specific rules and guidelines that an SEO expert must practice while creating a SEO strategies.

In between white hat vs black hat SEO, there is also Grey hat SEO techniques.

Gray Hat is an SEO practice that’s more hazardous than White-Hat.

It is what its name implies. It’s somewhere in the center of white and black and if used by an expert, can still be productive.

But, it’s safe to say that using a grey hat approach is playing with fire if you’re not 100% positive of what you’re creating.

One that may or may not lead your site being forbidden from search engines and their affiliate sites.

Grey hat includes:

  • Cloaking
  • Duplicate content
  • Link purchasing
  • Social media automation and buying followers

“White-hat” SEO in brief, refers to the right, ethical way to optimize a website.

Know about White Hat SEO Techniques

To give you a more precise view of what it means, let’s look into the main principles of White-Hat SEO

Principles of White Hat SEO

Follow the search engine guidelines :

The most generally accepted description of white-hat is that it follows Google’s webmaster guidelines.

These are the rules that Google has established to define the correct way to optimize a website. As for the details of what an “ethical” SEO strategy looks like, they can be summarized as a simple idea: Don’t manipulate.

So, if you are not attempting to manipulate rankings or cheat Google’s algorithms, then you are seemingly following their guidelines and applying White- Hat optimization.

Focus on a human audience :

White-hat includes making changes that benefit website visitants. It makes sense when you think Google’s priority is to present the best results for its users, and it’s an important part of the “right” SEO approach.

Fortunately, many of the most efficient SEO strategies have involved taking steps to improve the experience the website provides to visitors.

Strategies such as publishing high-quality content and reducing page load times can increase the value users get from the site and the way they can navigate easily, making them an excellent strategy recognized by Google.

A long-term approach :

It is required to follow Google’s guidelines and build a positive user experience strategy that usually requires more time and work than the black hat approach.

This implies it takes time to see the results you require. On the other hand, white-hat also has a more enduring impact. This is because when you use a strategy designed to improve the overall website experience, you can get a consistent ranking for your target keywords.

After all, it requires investing in content that can produce results in the next few years and using strategies that will not disappoint you.

At the risk of suffering the consequences of Google, white hats are a longer-term approach.

Why are White Hat SEO techniques important?

White-hat endures so that search engine results are not all over the place.

Internet users will constantly discover themselves on sites that are useless to them because site owners will use suspicious approaches to win a place on search pages.

This is not good for Google, which is why they have been setting their engines for a long time so that the best quality websites are the ones that are ultimately ranked.

Google Algorithm Updates

Google constantly updates its algorithms to improve the ease of use. You may know the significant updates that Google has released across the years, but Google releases hundreds of updates every year.

Most of them are so implied that we don’t even realize it. Each of these updates is intended to further improve the UX, which means that Google is constantly looking for ways to punish non-compliant websites and reward those that follow the rules.

After a major update, many business owners quickly review the changes to see if anything is affecting their site negatively.

Technically, there is no way to equip your site for the update, because no one is aware of what the update will be until Google launches.

But, anyone who grasps Google’s best methods and practices white hat is unlikely to see negative effects on their website.

The reason for this is of course that your website has been optimized to benefit individual users above all else.

Advantages of White hat SEO

Who benefits most from white hat SEO ? In a word: Everyone.

It benefits Google because it promotes users to use its search engine; it benefits users who want to obtain what they need swiftly, and it benefits site owners because they can get visitors without “cheating”.

We will see what White hat SEO methods can do for you,in the following section.

Improve your ranking:

Marketing activities that follow Google’s best methods (such as matching keywords to appropriate landing pages, producing meaningful content, and obtaining reliable backlinks) will enhance your ranking in the Google SERP.

Tools like woorank and screaming frog can help you in analyzing your website which can further help you to boost your rankings.

Save money in the long run:

Companies that implement black hat strategy do this because they want to see an instant return on investment, but this will only serve them in the short term because Google will ultimately punish them.

Marketing campaigns usually require investment, but in the long run, white hat strategies has the capability to give consistent results.

Builds quality content:

As we stated, everything you do should be aimed at generating a positive customer experience. Users identify good content and will eventually reward you for it.

Prepare your site for updates:

There is no access to know what will be covered by Google’s next major update. Nevertheless, if you keep in mind the purpose of giving a good customer experience, you can ensure that a completely optimized website will stand out.

When it comes to SEO best practices, understand when what is essential for maintaining the integrity, online ranking, and visibility of your website.

Here are some of the best white hat SEO strategies you can use to “obey the rules” and improve your website performance.

White Hat SEO Techniques List

When it gets to ranking a website by organic methods, several factors have a function to play using White Hat techniques.

Some of the factors include Content, Media (Images and Videos), Site Structure, Meta Description, and the production of a website.

For optimizing these factors well, scroll down and know the tactics! These techniques would benefit you control the traffic getting to your website.

1. Increase the “Mobile First” Approach

If you center on developing the mobile-first approach, it will make it achievable for your business to reach the appropriate audience.

Since most of the online viewers today are on mobile, you have to create a responsive mobile site that can be readily obtained by your site visitors.

Furthermore, you need to assure that the loading speed of the mobile site is high-grade and all the details of your page load properly when opened on mobile devices.

Normally, mobile and local searches are inter-linked. E-commerce websites essentially get profited from this method.

When it comes to advancing a business digitally through mobile, Mobile app advancement is one of the intricate parts.

But, if you’ve got a desktop website, you can effortlessly make it mobile friendly.

All you require to do is to keep a tab on AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). This is ordinarily done to assure that a higher proportion of traffic would come to your website.

2. Fine-tune the User Experience

If you have a website, you need to have an account of whether your users or consumers visiting your website and the mobile application, are satisfied with the interface or not?

You need to be assured that they aren’t fronting any problem while operating it, or while doing a purchase. There shouldn’t be any sort of undesirable pop-ups that hinders the view of the site or limit users to scroll further.

These are important factors to consider if you’re seeking to present a good ux.

If your users discover your mobile site or web application satisfactory, they would suggest others visit your website or install your mobile application as well. Eventually, this would raise the traffic to your website.

Read this New ranking factor yet to become to benefit UX

3. Give importance to Keyword Research

Keyword Research is one of the easiest forms of Digital Marketing. It has gained a lot of popularity over the years.

Google Keyword Planner, AHREF, Semrush, spyfu are some of the best tools to discover and choose the keywords for your website’s final content.

Other tools like Google search console and Google Analytics can help you know what kind of content drives traffic to your website.

These tools would help you find the most powerful keywords to use in your epic content.

4. Design a Unique Marketing Plan

Content Marketing Plan is one of the most helpful White-Hat techniques that would boost your business.

If you want to get larger traffic to your website, you need to design a marketing plan in such a way that it’s different.

Content Marketing performs an important role to produce an impact on the viewers and generating traffic which builds authority.

It can stimulate the interest of people and urge them to take interest in your products and services. With powerful content marketing, you can also educate people about several aspects of your niche business.

If you can strongly create a unique content plan, this would make you stand out from the crowd.

5. Use Schema

Schema is a compilation of tags in HTML, which you can simply add to a webpage.

Schema markup is a process of structuring the information on your website so that Google’s search engine gets extra clues into what data is being given and why. This goes well ahead of simple meta tags and title tags.

For instance, you can tell Google that you’re serving up a post describing a recipe, or a video, or a specific type of data.

You can use schema meta-features to let Google know which Facebook and Twitter profile is connected with your business.

When it comes to a schema, structured data markups give a competitive advantage to your website in search results.

Whereas, micro-data enhances the CTR, and would encourage more traffic to your website.

6. Link Building

Link building lets to turn more traffic to your website. But, it should be done inside limits and as per the guidelines set by the chief search engine giant, Google.

Secondly, They send link authority to pages that require it, which can increase ranking.

Extreme building links could be critical and would be added as a Black Hat practice.

In White Hat SEO strategy , link building is all about uniting with the owners of other websites and requesting them to provide you a link back to your site content.

This can be achieved via guest blogging on good authority sites or email outreach. Tools that can help you with email outreach are hunter, violanorbert, and contactout. These platforms help you find accurate contact information of your leads.

7. Image Search Method

Image search can also drive traffic to your site. Images including the ALT tags attach crawl-able content to your website’s page.

Furthermore, they emerge in place of your image when they fail to load on your site.

Not just this, but it also enhances the viewer experience of your website. You can also generate traffic to your website by search results of images.

8. Using Standard inbound links

Internal linking is one of the most important elements of SEO efforts.

Achieving quality links takes time and commitment, but the great impact on how you rank in SERPs and improved overall site traffic make using internal links as well deserving the effort.

9. Maintain Your Local Business Listing (GMB)

Producing locally relevant SERPs is just one more way that the Google algorithm is trying to meet user intent.

Normally, users who are viewing for home services, restaurants, or some outdoor fun don’t want to find search results that are hundreds of miles away.

Prioritizing regional searchers is a significant opportunity for most web pages and stores because it gives them the chance to be the most prominent fish in a much smaller pond. It makes profits much more achievable.

The best way to take benefit of these searches is to claim the GMB(Google My Business) page for your company.

GMBs, when insisted, arrive in a special box before other Google’s search results called the Map Pack. Users are presented with the physical location of all associated businesses and have access to a profile that comprises address, phone number, reviews, prices, website URL, and more.

Staying on the White-hat side of things is just a concern of being intelligent, and caring about what your viewers share with the house of the people you connect to.

Be Future-Proof with White-Hat SEO

The great thing about going White-Hat approaches is how future-proof the techniques we use are. Most black hat SEO tactics get exposed in the long run, even when search engines don’t get exactly how they work. They can catch Black hat tactics just based on search results that don’t make sense.

By concentrating on quality and user participation, you can be assured that your task isn’t going to be defeated by a later update and suddenly, out of nowhere your website traffic falls.

Relevant content, keywords, links, and site map come together with best models like GMB, Schema markup, and mobile-first principles to build enduring reliable progress.

If you’re looking forward to learning more about SEO, you can choose the Digital Marketing Course by DSIM.


What are the types of SEO?

The techniques of SEO are divided into 3. i.e:

  1. White-Hat
  2. Gray-Hat
  3. Black-Hat

What is a Black-hat and a White-hat?

Black-hat refers to using tactics that are violating or manipulative, whereas White-Hat refers to an ethical way of optimizing your website to rank higher.

How to generate traffic on the website?

If you’re looking to boost website traffic with both organic and paid methods, here are 5 methods that are determined to produce results:

  1. Complete Keyword Research
  2. Guest posting
  3. Be Active Social Media Pages
  4. Use Promotion to Grow Website Traffic
  5. Create a Valuable Industry Tool or Content

What is the disadvantage of White-hat ?

There are not many of the cons for White-hat.

But, the outcomes would be slow to grow while practicing White-hat methods. Unlike in the case of black hat where the outcomes are instantly visible in terms of progress, but it is violating.

You need to be patient with white-hat tactics as they surely give you long time results.

What are the best SEO practices?

Some of the best SEO practices which you can follow are:

  1. Add Your Central Keyword Early On In Your Content.
  2. Write variety of helpful content.
  3. Optimize Your SEO Title Tag
  4. Improve Site’s Loading Speed. …
  5. Track Your Results and analyze them.

More such ethical practices can boost your ranking on SERPs.

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