The tried and trusted tactic of content marketing, guest posting can help you build brand awareness with a different audience and help drive new traffic to your site. Indubitably, if done well it can act as the perfect medium for great content and link building. By the way…

What is guest posting?

In simple words guest posting is writing and publishing an article on someone else’s website or blog to connect with new readers and get your name out. In guest posting, you as the author not only can publish your content on someone else’s website but can also mention your name and link for your website or blog usually at the bottom of the article.

How does guest posting helps?


Number One: It builds relationships with other bloggers

Obviously, by posting good content on someone else’s blog you are adding value to their blog and eventually this is going to foster good relationship with other bloggers as every blogger needs good content or say a valuable blog.

And, as you know how a large percentage of conversations happening on the Internet, especially on social media sites is provided by bloggers , which makes them to be tremendously influential. So, guest posting gives you a chance to grow your influence in the realm of social media as well if you make friends with other bloggers through it, and this leads to more blog subscribers at the end.

Number Two: It contributes to your SEO efforts

I know Matt Cutts recently made it clear that guest posting is not going to do any good if your thinking to boost your ranking on search engines through it but he specifically also mentioned that if you are doing it wrongly or say if you are spamming. This is what!

Anyway! A few things that you need to keep in mind while guest posting for SEO is to must include a link to your site or blog somewhere in the post as these backlinks overtime will move up the value of your blog to search engines, making your content easier to find via Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.

But! Remember!

The content should always be relevant, immaculate and of good quality!

Number Three: It brings you new audiences

By introducing you to new communities, guest posting, in most of the cases allows you to share your message with an already-established community by entering into it. You actually get to connect with new people and if you doing it right I mean the guest posting, this will certainly benefit you.

Why a few guest post writers see a great augmentation in the number of readers, fans and followers over time? Because, they are kind of adding value to the discussion with the help of the valuable content that they have created.

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Some Dos and Don’ts of Guest Posting


“Waste time whether yours or the readers!”

Sending emails randomly to people without even caring about the category’s exactness you are guest posting for is in no way going to save your time. Rather, you are wasting your time on something which is going to be chucked right into the garbage bin. And, the idea is, anyone would do this even you if you see your mailbox full of junk mails trying to promote something that you were never interested in or needed.

DO: –

“Research the site thoroughly you are going to guest post on!”

A good piece of content never goes in vein and that even if you send just 20 emails, they count. So, research well about the site you are going to guest post on , look through it thoroughly, find out what is it all about, research about its audiences & their persona and then calculate well if a link from there is going to benefit others as well and not just you as that would benefit not even you if will not others.

Now, I know it is your bottom line that you are concerned about and even guest posting is just another channel to accomplish it however you need to act prudent and make your pitch personal in such a way that it seems as if you are genuinely interested in them and in resolving their issues.


“Overlook the comments on your blog posts!”

People are interested enough to take time to comment something on your post! Isn’t that a good news? You are getting noticed , thousands of bloggers don’t! So, instead of ignoring the comments celebrate them, encourage them by giving proper responses. Interact and let the people interact! This will only enhance your authority in your industry as an author, an expert! And, you know what happens then! More customer engagement, better customer relationship and eventually more business!

DO: –

“Deal with it if encountered an off-putting content!”

If you wish to munch through the fruit from the tree in your backyard, you have to clean the withered leaves fallen from it and that too without getting any knee-jerk. Likewise, you cannot expect only goodies from the readers. Although, that would rarely happen if you have furnished a great piece of content but yes sometimes you need to be ready for the rocks of criticism thrown by them as well. However, in such situation in spite of acting hastily and imprudently show your skills to handle such comments in a dynamic, vibrant and uneven environment.

Of course, keeping quiet and eliminating the downbeat comments if feasible may help but that’s temporary and so try to deal with them instead with the sharpness of your knowledge, intellect and generosity. I mean stay calm, subtle! Intelligent people don’t act hastily! That’s what you need to do! Try listening them first and half the battle is won. Apologize and offer to make relevant corrections. This is how you can not only deal with an off-putting comment but also impress others.



Guest Post! Help people! Add value!

And, the throne you longed for will be yours in the long run!

So, one sentence for hundreds-

Be patient!


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