I don’t think I need to define or explain digital marketing as by now you all must be aware with it. It’s been quite a long time we have been talking about it and you already know that it is marketing over digital devices. But do you not think digital marketing has become chief subject of conversations these days. Everybody is talking about it, its impact and its scope.

However, does digital marketing deserve this, does it really bring any kind of result that could not have been achieved with the traditional marketing or is it just hyped about.

Let’s see what industry experts have to say about digital marketing and its scope.

Mr. Siddarth Rao, Founder – Webchutney

Sidharth Rao “In a few years, digital marketing has changed from a minor phenomenon to a strong communication tool.

With greater awareness and digital reach, brands now want to create experiences for their customers online rather than just through websites or Facebook pages. Mobile is slowly becoming the primary way we consume information, which is yet another interesting opportunity for us marketers.

Digital marketing has been very challenging so far. Even in terms of recognition, Indian digital campaigns are being recognized now both at national and international levels. This is a big step-up for the industry.”

Greg Stuart, CEO, Mobile Marketing Association

Greg Stuart2 “2014 will be a tipping point for the mobile marketing industry. In 2014, there will be more mobile devices around the world than humans, representing billions of opportunities to engage with consumers globally. Mobile continues to spark a new world of media in which every object is a medium and every place an opportunity for a message. There is no other platform that is as personal, as pervasive and provides the opportunity for proximity. Marketing’s seismic shift to mobile will only intensify as marketers re-imagine their infrastructure and break down silos to ensure that mobile is no longer an afterthought but the first thought when mapping out a consumer experience. Noting gets marketers closer to consumers than mobile.”

Ashutosh Lawania, founder of Myntra.com

Ashutosh Lawania “Online shopping has seen a lot of traction in the last 12-18 months. India has almost 120 million internet users at present, out of which as many as 10% are engaging in online transactions. This number will continue to grow in the future as access to the internet and internet enabled mobile devices is on the rise.

Online shopping, both in metros and Tier 2 & 3 cities is a fairly new phenomenon but shoppers are slowly understanding the benefits of shopping online. In metros, online shopping provides convenience (saving on travel time) and in Tier 2 & 3 cities, it gives shoppers variety and accessibility to brands which might not be available at retail outlets.”

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Sachin Bansal, Founder of Flipkart

sb “When we look back at India a decade ago, the broadband penetration in India was very low and the internet experience was restricted to those living in larger cities. Since then, with the growth of the telecom industry, broadband penetration increased within India and the internet moved beyond offices and cyber cafes to individual homes.

This quickly changed the way we communicated as we embraced new ways to do business online. Online platforms developed to include services that ranged from distance learning to e-commerce and a new generation of entrepreneurs emerged that changed the way we worked. Some of these achievements have been to create reliable supply chains and systems in a country where few things work smoothly.”


Digital marketing is not just about creating a website or a Facebook page, it’s a lot more. This however is realized only when you have walked a few steps in this industry. Although, it started late in India, but the way internet has swathed a large part of the country in a very short span of time, digital marketing for sure has a happening present and a promising future. For more details on how digital marketing has grown in India in past few years and has been growing or will grow in future, you can read our article-‘Why Digital Marketing Is on Rise in India? Let’s Talk Numbers!’.

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