Do you know Bill Gates, Michael Dell, and Steve Jobs?

I’m sure you do!

How can one be unaware of some of the most successful entrepreneurs of the world? Right?

But do you know they are college dropouts as well?

Yes! They are!

Such examples sometimes make it tough to decide whether a college degree is more essential or the experience. This is what! How can we find out as to what is more important while you are hunting for a job?

This is why right now we are going to talk about what matters more –experience or education.

A lot of people do say education provides something that experience can never however others say that experience makes up for the lack of a degree.

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When we asked the same to our Facebook fans, they came up with varied response.

“I don’t know how anyone would get a job without a degree. … You can’t earn experience until you have earned a degree to get you a job,” says Nandini Singh. “People who get an education will always have a fresh and continuing knowledge of the field.”

A recent study revealed that 25 % of employers value a bachelor’s degree more than they did five years ago. 39% value a degree about the same.

But then, almost half of those employers had trouble finding qualified graduates to fill positions at their organization. According to them those holding a bachelor degree usually lack basic workplace skills such as communication and problem-solving.

There are so many people who think that it’s not the degree that’s important; it’s what you learn and how you apply it. Besides, you will hardly find anyone who would dispute that a college degree opens doors.

“I have been hiring people for last 15 years and have hired candidates with and without degrees and what I have found is that people with life experiences and a little wisdom on their side were usually more productive,” says Rati Raj of KR international. “You can’t just buy or teach wisdom; it is learned over the years through experience.”

Adds Mr. Anil Solanki, the Director of V Advertising Pvt.Ltd., “Young job seekers hold degrees or certificates in marketing which is great but they can’t just outrival those who have years and years of experience with both new and old marketing techniques”. He says, “Just because you have a degree does not make you an expert.”

However, large number of people think that the two go hand in hand. For them, education is the foundation while experience is the construction of becoming greater.

If you really mull over it a little deeply, you will certainly find that whether its education or experience, whatever is that, the employer and the line of work is something that can decide better about what matters. For instance, if it’s surgery, experience counts. However a medical degree would still be required.

So, sometimes its education, sometimes its experience, but for all time it’s both!


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