Being on twitter certainly gives your business a competitive edge over tons of businesses that are yet to realize the benefits. However, there are thousands of articles telling us all why one should use Twitter and how it can benefit them and their businesses. In fact we have talked a lot on our blog as to how Twitter helps you generate leads, generate ideas for content and so on.

But have you ever thought what exactly people use Twitter for. No! Why am I telling this? Because! It is something that actually matters to your business. I mean the power of the knowledge of mass behavior as this is what can help you drive your marketing campaigns on Twitter well and accomplish goals that were to be accomplished.

This is why we went ahead and conducted a survey on what do people use Twitter for and here are a few response we got. Let’s go through them one by one.

A place to reinforce relation with the customer

“ It’s a good place to get information on things you are interested in, engage with others interested in those things, and crucially to improve your own profile for those things.”

The best way to promote and build relationship with influencers

“Twitter acts as a great curation tool as you don’t need to visit different marketing sites individually and that you can get great marketing articles at just one platform. Besides, following top marketers help you know a lot about them as to how they have covered their journey to this great success, what they are reading and what they are up to. It provides you a brilliant opportunity to connect with people you generally wouldn’t be able to connect with.”

Helps you remain attuned with the real-time world

“‘Real-time’ is the buzzword that’s driving today’s world of analytics and Twitter is in actual fact real-time. A number people today hardly visit any news site as they get to have the latest and detailed update on anything that happens and is news worthy. In fact, Twitter has changed the way news industry works.”

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Helps you monitor things that matters

“Twitter helps you keeping an eye on what people in your industry are talking about and know as to what topics are burning at what moment, which is very important to run a business effectively when the competition is so high.”

Allows customization for smooth management

“You can have different categories for different things such as one for internet marketing, one for clients, one for games that you like and so on. So, managing things become far easier as you can easily filter out what’s going on in each respective industry.”

Helps in website content getting indexed

“Something that not many people know is that you can use Twitter to get new website content indexed on Google fast. Instead of waiting a few days or weeks, get the content on your website indexed just in a few hours. “

Helps in all round business development

“Twitter helps accomplish multiple tasks related to your business such as contacting with brands directly, keep up to date with industry news, makings deals, lining up meetings, post random things like pictures, moments, general rants and so on.”

A multipurpose platform to accomplish multiple tasks

“Twitter not only helps you to pull together though leaders but also engaging with people that you perhaps probably wouldn’t have had any way of connecting with, sharing great travel destinations, offering advice on questions and keeping up with colleagues and friends around the world.”

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