Subway is the fastest growing fast food chain in the world. In 2002, Subway surpassed McDonalds and became the franchise with the highest number of outlets. As of 2013, Subway had yearly revenue of $9 billion from its franchise outlets in 102 countries. Currently the Subway brand has more than 44800 outlets in more than 112 countries. Read the full story to know how Subway started from a submarine sandwich shop became world’s biggest restaurant chain.


Facebook is testing an Express Wi-Fi service in rural India, letting public to buy affordable data packages from their local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in order to access the Internet through local hotspots.

Twitter is rolling out a way for people to slap an ad right on the photos they post to its social network. Pepsi became the first brand to run these ads, posting less than 50 branded stickers to Twitter’s Stickers library for people in Argentina, Canada, Egypt, India, and many others.


The report records down all the Indian startups that got funding this week. Technology based Innovaccer ($15.6 million) and Zenoti ($15 million) topped the funding round and many more startups raised funding this week.


The Indian food industry is expected to reach $65 billion by 2018. Holachef is as much about food as it is about technology. Technology plays an equal role in getting the demand and completes the delivery in a better way. About 65% of the total orders come through the mobile app while the rest came through its website. Read the full story to know how Holachef is growing in numbers day by day.



Hootsuite, Buffer, Evernote and others in the list. Read the full story to know the most useful and downloaded business app across the globe.

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