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Marketing has come a long way in the recent years and to harness the power of digital marketing to build your brand’s credibility, you need to go deep into specific topics.

And, to help you build your expertise, every week, DSIM brings weekly wrap-up from digital marketing world. Here, you’ll find highlights, key takeaways and strategic tips in exclusive posts & updates from diverse categories. Take a look-

1) Infographic

11 Steps To Reach Out To B2B Leads

B2B companies will prove that leads are the backbone of their businesses, as leads help companies find prospects, increase revenue, and complete business goals. Sales outreach is as important as the process of closing a sale itself. If you don’t reach out to leads, you won’t be able to make any new sales. Here in this infographic, you will find out the 11 steps to reach out to B2B leads.

13 Most Important Video Advertising Stats For 2018

An infographic on Video Advertising Stats; original digital video content now accounts for 44% of the budget, up from 38% two years ago; 2017’s video advertising spend is $13.23 billion, and projected to reach $22.18 billion by 2021; 6 out of 10 YouTube subscribers say their view of a brand or company has been influenced by a creator; etc.

2) Funding Report

17 Indian Startups Making News This Week (16 April -22 April 2018)

A weekly funding report on DSIM’s blog; take a look at the top investments made in the past 7 days; Fyle founded by Sivaramakrishnan Narayanan and Yashwanth Madhusudan; True Balance founded by Cheolwon Lee; ShopX founded by Amit Sharma and Apoorva Jois; MamaEarth founded by Varun Alagh; Affordplan founded by Hemal Bhatt; PaisaDukan founded by Rajiv Ranjan; Coverfox founded by Devendra Rane and Varun Dua; Pando founded by Nitin Jayakrishnan; Lynk founded by Abinav Raja and Shekhar Bhende; AgNext founded by Deepak Jaiswal, Mrigank Sharad and Taranjeet Singh Bhamra; CureFit founded by Ankit Nagori and Mukesh Bansal; PregBuddy founded by Sivareena Sarika, Subhadeep Mondal and Yash Ladia; etc. are there in the list.

3) Student Interview

“I chose DSIM because of its curriculum.”- Shiwani Negi

A candid session with Shiwani Negi, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Digital Marketing Executive at ‘Graphic Ads’. Here, take a walk through her DSIM’s journey and know what experiences have been around.

“DSIM placement helped me secure job.”-Sahil Sorot

An interesting session with Sahil Sorot, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and ‘Digital Marketing Executive’ at ‘Logicsoft’. Read on the post to know how DSIM’s training helped him to upgrade his knowledge and skills.

4) Digital Marketing Tool


Sociograph is a Facebook Groups and Pages analytics tool that can help you identify your post performance and also to get detailed analytic insights.

5) News & Update

Google Chrome to Prevent Videos with Sound from Auto playing

Google’s most recent version of Chrome for desktop will disable most videos with sound from playing automatically. So, now users won’t be barraged with undesirable sound from videos when browsing Chrome. However, there have been kept special cases for videos that Google sees the individual user is interested in; determined by three factors:

  • The user has played the video before·
  • The screen was clicked on at some point during the browsing session.
  •  The video appears on a site that the user has added to their home screen on mobile.
Pinterest to Display Total Monthly Viewers for Business Profiles

Implementing several changes to the appearance of business profiles, Pinterest starts displaying of total monthly viewers for its Business Profiles. Now, everyone will be able to see this statistic, which was earlier shown to account administrators.

6) Content Bonanza

 8 Ways to Promote Your Local Business on Instagram

If you want your local business to succeed on Instagram, you must take care of engagement along with followers, as this leads to conversion and sales.

Here, you have been offered 8 tips you can use to productively promote your local business on Instagram, create engagement, and fuel sales.

6 Tools to Design Superb Instagram Stories

Do you want to create professional-looking Instagram stories? Thinking about adding design essentials to your stories? Here, we have mentioned 6 easy-to-use design tools that will make your Instagram stories more interesting and likable. Take a look

4 Tools to Help You Rank Your YouTube Videos

Do you want your YouTube videos to rank in YouTube search?

Looking for tools to optimize your titles, keywords, and tags? Here, we have mentioned 4 tools to tell high-performing keywords for your YouTube content. Let’s go and explore.

DSIM Blog is created to help you to know all aspects of Digital Marketing ranging from basics of Digital Marketing to Advance Level Topics, Read our posts and feel free to reach our team for any queries.

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