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Let’s find out this week’s weekly wrap-up including some awesome stuff on blogging & digital marketing.

See the posts hand-picked by DSIM for you that will keep you a step ahead of others!

1) Infographic

10 Do’s and Don’ts of Content Marketing

The concept of creating and sharing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract your target audience is very important for business.

About 89% of the B2B marketers have incorporated content marketing into their marketing strategy and out of the remaining 11% plan to start. It’s important to use it the right way.

Here in this infographic, you’ll know some do’s and don’ts of content marketing to help you go ahead towards the right direction. 

2) Funding Report

19 Indian Startups Making News This Week (04 March- 11 March 2018) 

A weekly funding report on DSIM’s blog; a quick look at the top investments for the past 7 days; MagicPin founded by Anshoo Sharma and Brij Bhushan; HireXP founder Vikas Kakkar; Pepperfry founded by Ambareesh Murty and Ashish Shah; Hotelogix founded by Aditya Sanghi and Prabhash Bhatnagar; Ultraviolette founded by Narayan Subramaniam and Niraj Rajmohan; Finova Capital founded by Sunita Sahney; Kuvera founded by Gaurav Rastogi, Mayank Sharma and Neelabh Sanyal; LiveHealth founded by Abhimanyu Bhosale, Mukund Malani and Sanket Savla; Wellthy Therapeutics founded by Abhishek Shah, Maaz Shaikh and Prayat Shah; etc.

3) Student Interview 

“DSIM is One-stop Destination to learn Digital Marketing.”- Namit Saini 

An interesting session with Namit Saini, DSIM’s Ex-trainee. Read on the complete interview to know how DSIM helped him to learn digital marketing to go ahead with his entrepreneurship dream.

4) How-to 

4 Steps to Use Facebook Lead Ads to Get More Leads 

If it is said that Facebook provides leads, then it’s completely true, but the question is how to get potential leads, then, how to get them using Facebook Lead Ads. The post answers it all.

5) Guest Post 

3 Biggest Social Media Mistakes You Must Avoid

A guest post by Payman Taei, founder of Visme, an easy-to-use online tool to create engaging presentations, infographics, and other forms of visual content.

He is also the founder of HindSite Interactive, an award-winning Maryland digital agency specializing in website design, user experience and web app development. You can connect with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

This is why out of all the possible social media marketing mistakes that you could make; there are several in particular that you should avoid at all costs and here the post talks about 3. 

10 Actionable Tips to get VC [Venture Capital] Funding for your Startups

The journey of an entrepreneur starts with an idea. And, if his small company begins to grow, capital is needed as fuel. Out of all the possibilities of funding a business, raising venture capital funding for your startup is one of them and this article will let you know more about VC funding in details.

6) Digital Marketing Tool Review

Zoho CRM vs. Salesforce 

Here in this post, we are comparing Zoho CRM vs. Salesforce; two of the widely popular CRM software. It’s important for you to take a closer look as you might be intended to choose one of the two. The comparison here focuses on systems, pricing, features, and integrations; letting you choose your one favorite, affecting your productivity and profitability for years to come.

7) News & Update 

Google AdWords Rolls out New Performance Insights for Click-to-Message Ads 

Google AdWords is introducing a new set of performance insights specifically for click-to-message ads. It has announced rolling out Message Reporting over the next few weeks to help advertisers in the U.S., Canada, U.K., France, Brazil and Australia analyze and improve the performance of their click-to-message ads. 

Google AdWords Bans Cryptocurrency-related Ads

In January, Facebook banned ads about cryptocurrency on its products, also in China crypto-related ads aren’t allowed online. Now, Google has announced banning all cryptocurrency-related AdWords ads starting in June 2018. This contains ICOs, exchanges and even pages offering information about trading.

8) Content Bonanza 

10 Free Places You Can Create Your Brand Logo 

To create a logo, it’s not needed to be a design expert as there are numerous resources available letting you design it for free and even, allow you to download it without paying anything. In this post, such 10 spectacular online resources have been mentioned that’ll help you create a logo, absolutely for free.

6 Rules to ensure your Landing Page Success 

Landing pages are widely used for marketing activities as they offer a great return.

Surely, there are hidden worth in making landing pages effective and get the desired returns. Engaging landing pages save your time, resources and of course a lot of money.

Know how these pages can change campaign conversion rates if they are well-programmed, so here we go talking about 6 essential rules.

5 Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

In the world of marketing, it appears there are always new tools, tips, tricks, and trends to discover and integrate into your marketing strategy.

Thanks to the tools available, you can share together a stable marketing strategy without a huge marketing budget.

To help marketers save time and get more done, the post has been curated featuring 5 tools; these are the ones you must know.

DSIM Blog is created to help you to know all aspects of Digital Marketing ranging from basics of Digital Marketing to Advance Level Topics, Read our posts and feel free to reach our team for any queries.

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