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Why we need to constantly keep learning?

As it is the cradle for distinct and trending marketing strategies.

But, the difficulty here is to find info relevant to your cause as it continues pouring in from all directions.

So, a resource from DSIM…

We want amazing content to reach its full potential and here are the posts with plans of your marketing benefits.

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1) Case Study 

The 5 Worst Marketing Fails of 2017 – At times, your marketing campaign just doesn’t work bringing your brand’s reputation at risk. The case study here discusses examples of the marketing campaigns that were an absolute disaster this year and you may end up learning what not to do at all. So, 5 biggest “Marketing Fails” of the year 2017!

2) Infographics

6 Sales Funnel Stages to Optimize Your Leads – An Infographic covering the different stages of a customer lifecycle and how you, as a marketer, can better engage with them. Here are the 6 stages in your Sales Funnel…

14 Experiential Marketing Stats to Change Your Life Forever – 14 Experiential Marketing stats to make you understand its importance. Read on the infographic to know what those amazing stats are!

3) Funding Report

13 Indian Startups Making News This Week (1 August-6 August) – A weekly report on Indian Startups receiving investment in August (Aug 1-6) 2017! Check out the list of top funding deals in Indian Startup Ecosystem this week. Zepo, MobikWik, STICHIO, BoxMySpace, CoutLoot, Touchkin, LimeTray, Click2Clinic, Docwise, Leverage Edu, etc. are the names.

4) Student’s Interview

“DSIM is a gem for marketers everywhere.”- Hrishikesh BH – An interesting conversation with Hrishikesh BH, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Area Sales Manager at ‘3M India’. Read on the interview to know how DSIM’s training helped him to have a mastery over digital marketing.

“DSIM is India’s best digital marketing training institute.”- Akshay Trehan – A heartfelt discussion with Akshay Trehan, a Digital Marketing Specialist at ‘Myoo Works’. Read on the complete interview to know why he finds DSIM as the best digital marketing training institute in India.

5) Digital Marketing Tool of the Week 

Driftrock – Driftrock, a marketing technology platform helps you acquire, nurture and convert leads from social ads. This is done by connecting into 1st party databases for advanced targeting and lifecycle marketing.

6) Latest News & Updates 

Google Reportedly Bringing a ‘Snapchat Discover’ Feature – Google reportedly bringing a publishing feature similar to Snapchat Discover to its search engine. The feature is probably going to be called “Stamp” and would be based on AMP technology. Also, it would enable news publishers to build Snapchat-style stories that would live inside the company’s search engine.

AdWords Mobile Extensions Get Major Upgrades – The year 2017 so far has brought various AdWords updates and now, it’s all about another major mobile upgrade. Mobile sitelinks are getting to be noticeably interactive and callouts and structured snippets are gaining more real estate.

7) Content Bonanza

7 Lessons to Learn From Failed Link Building Campaigns – The true goals of link building are to grow a website’s reach, network, and visibility. To help you get back on track and make sure your next campaign executes better; here are 7 mistakes you should avoid in your link building campaigns.

14 Must-Try Social Media Tools For You in 2017 – There are distinctive tools for various platforms and here, we’re going to give you a list of chosen ones saving your time against researching them. Here are 14 superb social media tools to make your life easier and better.

8 PPC Blogs You Must Read & Follow in 2017 – There are various blogs and websites where marketers can go to absorb knowledge, learn and drive towards expertise and abilities in PPC. So, explore the best 8, get info and use it to create campaigns producing good results.

5 AdWords Ads Tips You Can Implement Right Now – Google AdWords offers opportunities for businesses to improve their visibility in the SERPs and reach new customers. But building an ad and spending money on it is not sufficient. You have to stand out and so, 5 tricks to help you create effective ads for your AdWords campaign.

DSIM Blog is created to help you to know all aspects of Digital Marketing ranging from basics of Digital Marketing to Advance Level Topics, Read our posts and feel free to reach our team for any queries.

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