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To help you build your digital marketing expertise, every week, DSIM brings weekly wrap-up from digital marketing world. Here, you’ll find highlights, key takeaways and strategic tips in exclusive posts & updates from varied categories. Take a look-

1) Funding Report

13 Indian Startups Making News This Week (18 June -24 June 2018)

A weekly funding report on DSIM’s blog; explore the peak investments made within the past 7 days; IndiQube founded by Rishi Das, RentSher founded by Harsh Dhand, Muskaan Dreams founded by Abhishek Dubey, Wonderchef founded by Sanjeev Kapoor and Ravi Saxena, Noble House founded by Sumer Datta, Cashify founded by Mandeep Manocha, SMECorner founded by Samir Bhatia, Clinivantage founded by Abhay Chopada, Dinesh Samudra and Nilesh Jain, Swiggy founded by Sriharsha Majety, Nandan Reddy, and Rahul Jaimini, Wicked Ride founded by Anil G, Varun Agni and Vivekananda Hallekere, etc.

2) Student Interview

“DSIM has the best-designed curriculum.”- Bharat Malhotra

An interesting session with Bharat Malhotra, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and ‘Social Media Executive’ at ‘Moodie’. Read on the post to know how DSIM’s training helped him to upgrade his knowledge and skills.

DSIM empowered me to earn big. – Harsh Dhawan

An interesting session with Harsh Dhawan, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Freelancer (Social Media Marketing). It was great talking to Harsh Dhawan, DSIM’s Ex-Trainee who sincerely answered every question.

3) Case Study

What is Skyscraper Technique?

If you are struggling to increase your traffic with content, it’s time to start applying more innovative strategies such as the “Skyscraper technique.”

If you are posting a new article daily and it is a bad post then it’s no less than no post at all. Instead of posting daily, create 10x times better exceptional content.

To drive quality results to your blog, ensure to spend quality time on creating outstanding articles that will help your readers.  And, make sure to post only exceptional content that everyone wants to share and link out to.

Here DSIM brings a case study on Skyscraper technique which will change the way you have been looking at SEO.

4) How-to?

How to Manage Facebook Ad Costs with Facebook Automated Rules?

Get your Facebook ad spend managed effectively with the help of Facebook’s Automated Rules. But, how? You will get every answer here, mentioned in this article, take a look now.

5) Digital Marketing Tool of the Week


VigLink is an incredible tool for affiliate marketing. The site has a massive database of content provided by publishers which they scan in real-time and add links to relevant keywords they find. The use of this type of contextual advertising makes it much easier to drive sales.

It has several products that identify opportunities for profits. These allow users to choose the method that is most suitable for their platform. It also ensures that every possible prospect is covered.

6) News & Update

Google introducing new tool in AdWords for YouTube Advertisers

When it comes to service, Google offers a multitude of online products. One of the best examples is YouTube.This time it has brought a new set of tools which will allow content professionals to test and measure the effectiveness of YouTube videos. Google has named it YouTube’s “creative suite,” which uses AdWords’ reporting system to conduct experiments and reach creative insights.

Google AdWords is now Google Ads

Google has rebranded AdWords as Google Ads and its flagship advertising products are getting new names and being changed to better tell their current capabilities.

Google launched AdWords in October 23, 2000, nearly 18 years ago. Now, Google wants to change the name from AdWords to Google Ads to make things easier.

Facebook Lets Users Create New Types of Video Content

Facebook is introducing new ways for creators and publishers to create interactive videos. These are the new video features which will let users create interactive video content. It is starting polling for both Live and on-demand videos, as well as gamification for Live. These new set of features will let publishers add quizzes, polls, challenges, and gamification to their videos.

These can all be used within an individual video or to create a standalone game show. Creators are given a blank canvas to allow them to do what they do best — create! Facebook is introducing these features as a way to make videos more than a passive experience.

Google allows businesses to know customers’ opinions

Google brings good news for all business owners listed in its GMB listing. Google My Business or GMB is now offering valued information to business owners for the popularity of their business rated by their customers.

A new addition to the GMB insights section for restaurants and cafes provides information about subjective attributes, based on customer’s opinion.

7) Content Bonanza 

5 Simple Steps to a Winning Social Media Strategy

Social media has really influenced everyone, from individuals to businesspersons. Truly, this is the effectiveness of social media which has caused this transformation. Again the news is exciting for marketers as they can get to know how many businesses are on the way to social media entry and how would they document their strategies. Here, in this article, you will come to know 5 effective social media strategies to rule the market

10 Tools to Build a Better Social Media Presence

Do you want to excel on social media? Trying to know how?

Get these tools that will improve your visuals and content you want to share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others.

7 Instagram Mistakes Brands Often Make

Instagram has given brands the chance to engage with their audience and tell their story through the power of visuals. Daily, half of all users use the app and spend an average of 21 minutes on the app. Top brands have quickly recognized the potential Instagram boons. Here are 7 of the most common mistakes marketers make when posting content on Instagram.

4 latest Pinterest profile changes you should know

Love for Pinterest is massive among social marketers as it drives immense traffic to the blog or business.

But, the latest Pinterest changes may influence your marketing plans, but don’t worry as you are going to find details about those updates and solutions to leverage them.

5 Social Media Marketing Musts to Know in 2018

We all know that social media is one of the biggest influencers of buying decisions among consumers today. Advertising on social networks like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, has the potential to yield revenues that far exceed spending when done by a trained expert. Here are a couple of things that you need to know about the current state of social media marketing (2018 and beyond).

10 Outstanding Twitter Analytics Tools for You

Wondering how to get effective results from Twitter marketing? You just need to manage your analytics, that’s it. How? Here are the 10 top Twitter Analytics tools that will help you achieve your goals.

11 Hidden Instagram Tools to Grow Your Audience

Instagram is one of the most influential and engaged social media channels. You can simply share your daily stories and posts with your friends, family and followers. Here is a list of 11 unnoticed Instagram marketing tools that work extraordinarily to help engage, grow and explore your audience.

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