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1.The Worldwide Marketing Events

April 2017 Calendar – Let’s admit it, conferences are definitely more than marketers look for. An explored list of world’s 33 leading marketing conferences!

2. Case Study

Paytm has proven to be the smartest online travel player – How Paytm stack up on Online Travel Market king status and made it impossible for others to catch up?

3. Infographics

10 viral Marketing Secrets That Work – It has a grasp on what you want people to pass on in terms of marketing content.

10 stats to encourage your belief in Social Media – Why you need not to let go of your Social Media beliefs?

4. Funding Report

11 Indian Startups Making News This Week (20 March- 26 March) – Delve into the funding report card of startups this week and see how these names stature on this podium.

5. Student’s Interview

“To learn digital marketing practically, join DSIM.”- Mohammed Faiz – An Interview with DSIM’s ex-trainee Mohammed Faiz. Know the insights of his journey with DSIM.

“DSIM offers support from enrollment to placement”- Saurabh Midha – An interview with DSIM’s ex-trainee, Saurabh Midha. He says DSIM gives support from enrollment to placement and lot more.

6. Digital Marketing Tool of the Week

FB Pixel Helper – Test your Facebook Pixel using this tool, validate pixels are working properly, troubleshoot errors and improve performance.

7. Latest News & Update

LinkedIn Revamps its News Feed with ‘Trending Storylines’ – The professional network LinkedIn brings a new feature ‘Trending Storylines’.

Google to give advertisers more control over online ads – Google to give advertisers more control over where their ads appear online.

Twitter users now have more characters in replies – Twitter stops counting usernames in replies against 140 character limit.

8. Content Bonanza

10 A/B Testing Mistakes that you should avoid – 10 A/B Testing Mistakes and how to avoid making them.

6 Ways to Increase Sales & Traffic with Pinterest – 6 simple ways to increase sales and drive traffic to your website with Pinterest.

9 Digital Marketing Tools You Should Try in 2017 – 9 best of the tools to shorten the process of professionally indicating your brand.

8 Hidden Facebook Power Editor Features You Must Know – 8 Facebook Power Editor features advertisers need to know.

7 Twitter Bio Hacks to Attract More Followers – Consider your Twitter handle a great way to generate website traffic.

12 inspiring blog homepages you need to visit now – Your website homepage, a virtual door to let your customers step in.

8 roadblocks you need to clear in conversion funnel – 8 Website roadblocks hurting your Conversion Rate! Learn what the highest converting websites do differently.

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