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1) Case Study

Storytelling: The reason why it matters for conversion? – Storytelling is important connecting information to emotions and the study reveals how & why brand storytelling drives traffic, shares & conversions in marketing.

2) Infographics

21 Informative Facts You See on Instagram’s Timeline – Instagram’s timeline has changed a lot over the years and it’s all good to happen.

11 Inbound Stats Worthy Of Your Big Attention Now – Do you know the value of Inbound Marketing? The 11 amazing stats to make your jaw drop.

3) Funding Report

23 Indian Startups Making News This Week (27 March- 02 April) – A weekly review of Indian Startup Funding in April 2017. See, how vibrant the landscape has been in the week? DoneThing, Jhakaas, BigBasket, Zapyle, Wigzo, FalconBrick, Ithaka, Medinfi, Rooter, etc. are the names.

4) Student’s Interview

“You can’t miss DSIM’s presence in Digital Marketing.”- Sagar Kumar –  An interview with Sagar Kumar DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Digital Marketing Manager at ‘Weightshake Factory’.  Interesting to know how Sagar grabbed this offer?

“DSIM has made a big learning revelation to me.”- Soudip Chakrabortty – An interview with Soudip Chakrabortty, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and a Digital Marketer at ‘Axis Tutorial’. Read on the interview to know how DSIM exposed the biggest digital marketing secret to him.

5) Digital Marketing Tool of the Week

AdEspresso – The easiest tool to manage Facebook Advertising Campaign. Get the entire details to teach you how to use this tool for effective ad designing to analysis?

6) Latest News & Update

DSIM opens its first center in Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) – Delhi School of Internet Marketing opens its first training center in Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh. A drive towards stronger expansion!

YouTube Channels Now Require 10k Views to Run Ads – YouTube will require channels to have at least 10,000 views before they can run ads.

Reddit Launches a New Self-serve Ad Platform  – Reddit brings a new self-serve advertising platform to provide updated features to advertisers.  What are the features?

LinkedIn Introduces Lead Generation Forms – LinkedIn introduced a new ad format called Lead Gen Forms to help advertisers collect user information directly within site via Sponsored Content campaigns.

7) Content Bonanza

10 YouTube Hacks You’ll Want to Know About – You can always have more out of YouTube marketing. 10 lesser- known tricks to make you more competent in YouTube marketing.

17 powerful tools to help you spy on your competitors – To succeed, it’s important to know your competitors’ marketing moves. A list of the 17 tools to spy up on rivals.

How to do Mobile Keyword Research in 2017 – Mobile keywords are different from the desktop ones and so, the ways to do the research. Learn how to do Mobile keyword research for better results.

10 Tools You Need to Manage Inbox Like a Pro – Managing email inbox? A painful task! Here in this post there are 10 superb tools to make your inbox management task a fun for sure.

7 ways that will super excite your Instagram sales – Do you know Instagram has now 600+ million users? Isn’t it a great platform to grow your sales? Here you go.

6 ways to see how your LinkedIn page is performing – 6 of the surprisingly simple & effective ways to track & measure your LinkedIn Company Page Performance.

DSIM Blog is created to help you to know all aspects of Digital Marketing ranging from basics of Digital Marketing to Advance Level Topics, Read our posts and feel free to reach our team for any queries.

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