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1) Infographic

Leadpages vs. Instapage

If you want to build beautiful, high-converting landing pages without any coding, you would have come across these two names:

  • Leadpages
  • Instapage

Choosing between these two tools is a tough decision. Both tools make it easy to speedily build and test new landing page. And, if you’re struggling to make your decision, DSIM is here to help you.

See this infographic, Leadpages vs Instapage, to know which tool is right for you.

11 Stats To Make Marketing Analytics More Powerful

The infographic here mentions 15 important Marketing Analytics stats; take a look to know why & how the sphere has become so powerful.

2) Funding Report

14 Indian Startups Making News This Week (12 February- 18 February 2018)

A weekly funding report on DSIM’s blog; a quick look at the top investments for the past 7 days. Zoomcar founded by David Back and Greg Moran; PetSutra founded by Amol Sharma; Infibeam founded by Sachin Dalal; Pandorum founded by Tuhin Bhowmick; Awaaz De founded by Neil Patel and Tapan Parikh; Eduvanz Financing founded by Varun Chopra; Fincash founded by Gaurav Perti and Pawan Kumar; IMAX Program founded by Naveen Mandava and Varun Kumar, etc.

3) Student Interview

“DSIM is the best amongst all.”- Arjun Sehgal

An interesting session with Arjun Sehgal, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and ‘Executive- Marketing’ at ‘Safexpress’. Read on the post to know how DSIM’s training helped him to grab his first job in digital marketing.

At DSIM, You “Learn Through Actions.”- Saif Khan

In our conversation we had Saif Khan, DSIM’s Ex-trainee and Digital Marketer at ‘Voonik’. Read on the interview to know how DSIM’s training helped him to improve his skills and acquire the knowledge that companies look for.

4) Digital Marketing Tool of the Week

“Facebook Page Insights”

Are you trying to build your online and mobile presence?

Additionally, looking for best ways to communicate with customers? No matter what your goals are on Facebook, your Page Insights will definitely help you to understand who among your audience is most engaged with your Page. And, so we have featured here Facebook Page Insights as DSIM’s Digital Marketing Tool of the Week.

5) News & Update

Maccabees Update: New Core Algorithm Changes by Google

Algorithm update is a continuous task that is done by Google every year.

Therefore, we got confirmed by a Google spokesperson that “numerous minor changes” were done to the core algorithm in the month of December 2017.

  • Algorithms which verify the significance of a search query to a web page.
  • Modification in how links to a website are scored. This means there are some links that start counting less or some links more. This will end up in re-ranking of certain types of websites. Websites which depend on a single type of link can be weak if that type of link is devalued.
  • Update in how page content is scored. For instance, if an informative search query is done regarding a commercial website, then it would be taken as irrelevant.
Facebook Messenger Lets You Add People to Ongoing Calls

Now, Facebook Messenger lets you add more people to your voice and video call without hanging up first. If you’re on a call with a friend and need another friend in your circle, Facebook Messenger will let you promptly send them an invite to join the call. An interesting update!

Google Chrome Now Blocks Pop up Ads

On Thursday, Google updated its browser, Google Chrome, so that it bans annoying ads as a matter of course on mobile devices and desktop computers. With advertising becoming more & more interfering in recent years, it has driven web users to install ad-blocking software to avert full-page pop-ups, blaring video pitches. At the point, when Google updated Chrome, it viably banned the kinds of ads web users find generally irritating.

6) Guest Post

Facebook News Feed Changes: Why you Need a New Strategy

Facebook has since long been a key platform for marketers to promote their products through various means like organic posts, videos or pictures so as to reach out to more and more people.

It was common to see the news feed flooded with all sorts of promotional articles from publishers or businesses. Through a post, Mark Zuckerberg mentioned about the changes that the social media giant will be bringing in the News Feed to make more relevant and “meaningful interactions between people.” Let’s take a look at DSIM’s Guest Post on this.

7) Content Bonanza

8 Marketing Trends to Follow in 2018

In 2017, we saw a number of trends influencing digital marketing schemes and possibly they all were successful. That way where brands using podcast and Instagram for advertising, 2018 will be interesting to see!!! Well, of course, there are trends predicted to be followed this year also; have a look at them.

6 B2B Content Marketing Tactics To Try This Year

At present, discussing B2B Marketing, the question isn’t whether it’s a practical marketing approach. Rather; it’s what must be done in 2018 to make it more suitable and how content marketing for B2B must change in the face of adjusted buyer expectations and keen competition.

Here you’ll get DSIM’s most loved findings, in addition to analysis on what we think they mean for the future of B2B content marketing.

CJ Affiliate- A Complete Guide by DSIM

CJ Affiliate by Conversant is one of the oldest & biggest affiliate networks. All of their offers are CPA, implying that publishers get paid only when users convert into a lead, subscriber, sale, or some other action beyond a mere impression or click. With thousands of advertisers and offers, CJ is extremely popular among bloggers and small Web Publishers. Let’s find outs the details.

4 Advanced AdWords Audience Targeting Strategies

Over the most recent couple of years, it has been seen that PPC advertisers began focusing on targeting premium audiences with the help of search network campaigns. The use is to make same audiences to reproduce users who have accomplished a wishful activity on their site and target users through mailing lists upload features such as customer match.

In this article, you will find 4 superior audience targeting techniques to help you in adjusting your PPC targeting in an economical and maximize return ad spend (ROAS).

11 Hashtag Tools for Twitter Marketing

Do you endorse your brand on Twitter?

You would be using multiple hashtags for your outreach, isn’t it? But, the method or types of hashtags you use are worth doing your endorsement? Here are 11 hashtag tools that will multiply your outreach on Twitter.

15 Top PPC Experts to Follow in 2018

Discussing PPC campaigns, it becomes important to know what is going on in the marketing world and so, to keep up with the approaches being used by the top PPC experts.

Many of these experts quote and repost each other and fill in as an incredible source of information. Here is a list of the best 15 PPC experts that you should be following as it is a good idea to follow them to remain updated with the day-to-day PPC goings-on. Here we go-

9 Social Media Strategies That Will Influence 2018

In online marketing, platforms keep coming and disappearing as users continuously changing their likes and behavior.

If you follow the guide on “how to “dominate” Facebook from 2010” that would be like reading an old age story today.

This indicates that brands need to change their social media campaigning approach. Here are 9 best social media approaches which would be called the best practices for present-day social platforms.

If you are ambitious enough to make 2018 own, combine any of these strategies and get productive results:

DSIM Blog is created to help you to know all aspects of Digital Marketing ranging from basics of Digital Marketing to Advance Level Topics, Read our posts and feel free to reach our team for any queries.

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