No matter what, whether the promises were not kept or whatever, we hate to get passed over for a promotion and hate hearing that we didn’t meet the mark. It is not only disheartening but even humiliating at times. And, the idea is getting passed over for a promotion isn’t something uncommon especially in a tough economy like that of India where companies hesitate to give out promotions or raises. However! You still have chances to survive the experience keeping both your reputation and ego intact and become a better employee for the company.

Employees and the job satisfaction: The Current Scenario

According to a recent survey commissioned by talent management firm Plateau and conducted by Harris Interactive:

“31% of employees are not satisfied at their current jobs and a whopping 74% of workers, whether satisfied or not, consider leaving if approached with another offer!”

It clearly means that almost 74% professionals think that they aren’t getting what they deserve and so when they get a ray of light telling them their thirst can be quenched and that they can be prized with what they deserve, they get inclined to switch. But of course, recessions can stop them from doing so and cling to the jobs they have, for the fear of not knowing what would happen next isn’t just a fear. However, the moment they start coming out of it, the things are back to normal which I think is not at all normal whether for the professionals or the companies. πŸ˜€

Anyway, it isn’t that easy as well, when the competition is so high and that you have to have something that can give you an extra edge especially over your rivals. And, for having that extra edge you really need to become well acquainted with the market demands, with what industry wants and try complimenting technology and time both at the same time.

A few more stats on why professionals keep switching jobs:

• 57% employees leave a job due the undeserved salary
• 31% do it because they need a change
• 29% leave for career and advancement opportunities
• 22% want change of profession
• 18% are concerned about their career and future

If truth be told, 8 out of 10 people never get promotion that they deserve! Are you one of them?

What to do in case? (Let’s see what experts have to say!): Some Expert Advices πŸ™‚

The first Action to be taken: Wait! πŸ˜› No! But it’s true!

If you think you are undervalued and that you didn’t get what you deserved while those who worked with you got promoted, wait and take a deep breath instead of making the issue even more complex by acting petulant or entitled.

“The first thing is to not act impulsively, emotionally or reflexively! It’s not always possible to make things better, but it is always possible to make things worse!”

– says Ben Dattner, author of The Blame Game and founder of Dattner Consulting.

“Getting angry and depressed will not get you another promotion!”

– says Christopher Peterson, a professor of psychology at University of Michigan and a pioneer in the field of positive psychology.


Stay calm, be positive and try to find out why it happened. Moreover, if you can listen and don’t get defensive as you should, try talking with the decision maker. You won’t believe but you will only realize if talk to them that there are always reasons, even if they aren’t reasonable. Try to learn about yourself and as to where you stand in the company. First of all see whether you have the right skills and experience for the job or not.

“What we think we deserve is different from what others think we deserve!”

– Ben Dattner

And That! Try Acting instead of complaining!

Look for ways to get a hold of the relevant expertise your industry demands. It could be either through training or a lateral job move, which ever you get to have. Get the skills that your industry wants. In fact try to remain a little ahead of time by getting even the better skills and be the monarch at your work by having that extra edge that the development wants.

At the same-time!
Only a one-liner here!

Keep your network open and active for the next opportunity, whether inside or outside your organization, to find you!


The Take-aways:

• Discover why you didn’t get the promotion and take actions accordingly
• Double-check whether you are practicing old school tactics that have become obsolete or can complement the competition, time and technology
• Check if your skill-sets are updated , if not, update them
• Never –ever react hastily and negatively making it even worst. Stay subtle, calm and act prudent
• Badmouthing those involved in making the decision will only expose your frustration level impeding even your good future career prospects in the company, if any. Try to remain far-sighted, for they if are not going to give you anything in the company, will at least save you from unnecessary troubles and getting your image spoilt. I hope you know how the management thinks and works! Right? πŸ™‚

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