Are you able to engage your customers to the level you always had wanted to?

Customer engagement is important for your business ! Right?

I don’t know whether you are employing those time-honored ways of marketing or have switched to something that’s the need of the hour.

The advent of internet has given masses the leverage to do the kind of marketing they want. Now when people have the choice why won’t they switch to invitational marketing and why would they tolerate the frustrating interruption marketing?

Invitational marketing is the one in which you kind of invite your customer to come and engage with you according to their convenience. So this is how you get more customers and customers get the control to shop according to their whims.

The first thing that you need to do in marketing after you have generated awareness about your business among masses is customer engagement. Talking about the customer engagement, let’s go through some ways that will help you increase it by almost 70%.

And, remember more is the customer engagement; more will be your sales.


Switch to inbound marketing


21 Had you been the customer, what kind of marketing have you preferred?

Sales representatives interrupting you while you are busy with your work or the one in which you were contacted when were in relaxed mood and had free time.

Obviously, given the option nobody will like to be interrupted.

This is what inbound marketing never does. I mean it never interrupts you. It simply makes valuable and informative content available to you through different channels and educates you on something you are interested in.

It never coerce you by adamantly trying to make a sale, it rather connects to you, interacts with you instead of telling interruptive stories. It intends to add some delight to your life instead of distracting you while you are on your go.

Besides, people anyway don’t appreciate selling and that too if it is being done obstinately like it happens in outbound marketing.

Relationship Nurturing


221 It’s true that customers have shown interest in your product by sharing their information in exchange for your offer still, not everybody has a buying intention or is sales ready lead. So now, you will need to nurture your leads through various methods. It is about nurturing your relationship with your potential customer by sending targeted, relevant and useful messages to them from time to time. You can do it through email marketing, calling or SMS marketing.

Email Marketing

Through email marketing you send an automated series of emails to the leads at the starting phase and get them converted to sales ready leads before you hand them over to your sales team.
Marketers need to have the unique qualities in their emails for clients to get plead with and become interested in their emails. Like in any other form of marketing, a good and valuable content plays important role in email marketing as well.


You can inform customers about the offer they were interested in by calling them at a suitable time. Ask them which time suits them and follow-up with them accordingly. Basically, lead nurturing by calling includes the following steps:

1) Creating the rapport with your lead
2) Knowing the needs of your potential customer
3) Giving the required information and clearing their doubts
4) Creating needs by sharing the benefits of the product
5) Informing them about the ongoing offers if any.

SMS Marketing

Send short succinct and informative text messages via phones to customers and nurture your relationship with them by informing on your latest deals, offers or any other information that they might need.

So, stop selling, let the consumers buy themselves. Just try to integrate context with content and give users a more affluent, relevant, and personalized experience.

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