In most of the cases, home internet comes with a quota and that there is a certain limit of bandwidth you can use in a month. If you exceed this quota your internet provider might slow your internet’s speed down to dial-up levels or charge you a premium. The only way you can avoid this is by monitoring your internet usage that you can do with the help of various programs. Here are 5 free programs for your Windows PC to help monitor your Internet usage.













An icon will appear on your desktop for NetWorx once you install it, which will track all your internet usage. You can simply click and launch the program to see usage graphs of each day. The best thing about this software is that it allows you to set a daily, weekly or monthly quota to track uploads or downloads or both.

Download the software here!

BitMeter 2












BitMeter2 is very similar to NetWorx however it comes with a desktop widget meter graph of your download and upload speeds. You can view how many days and bandwidth you can use before reaching your limit once you have set it. It also tells you about your usage stats that can be sorted by hours, days, and months.

Download the software here!








Sitting permanently on your task bar this program shows you information about your upload and download speeds. In order to enable it, you need to do a right click on your task bar and click on NetSpeedMonitor under toolbars. It not only informs you about your connection speeds but also tracks your daily usage however there is no quota reminder in it.

Download the software here!

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Cucusoft Net Guard












With a user-friendly interface this program helps you track your internet usage and see what programs are connected to the internet. For this, you just have to provide an email address to register for a free product code after its installation. You can also set your monthly quota through this program and it will send you reminders as you near the limit.

Download the software here!

ISP Monitor













A lightweight program to track daily or monthly internet usages, ISP Monitor allows you to instantly see your daily upload and download usage through its easy-to-read logs. In order to set this program, you need to go to ‘adapter settings’ under ‘settings’ and click on ‘Traffic monitor’ and choose ‘Adapter to choose between a wired or Wi-Fi connection’. However, you cannot set a quota reminder in it.

Download the software here!

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