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Whether it is your website’s productivity, social media marketing for your business, email marketing, search engine optimization(SEO) or just anything, videos always make them better and add more value to them.

At present, buyers do most of their own research online before ever contacting a vendor ,we need a kind of content that can grab their attention, engage them by entertaining, inspiring and educating them about not only the industry issues and recurrent problems but also about what we do , who we are and what’s the culture of our companies.

Fortunately, today’s marketers have this tool called video at their disposal to do all these and that too far more effectively than any other. Videos allow marketers to conduct strong storytelling in a short but impressive format that viewers can enjoy and they can measure. Many studies in past have proved that how effective videos have been in quickly grabbing busy audiences’ attention.

A few Stats on video marketing that will change the way you market your product

See how audiences prefer video content over other formats!

• Almost 65% of viewers watch more than three-quarters of a given video (Invodo).
• More than 70% of marketing professionals report that video converts better than any other medium.

Video Marketing Prediction for 2015

The Play button is going to be the most compelling call to action on the Web

Like we have discussed earlier in our previous articles as to how videos add value to various digital marketing tactics such as email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and so on, and are becoming their integrated part, they are helping marketers big time in perking up their day-to-day results increasing brand affinity and enhancing customer relationships at the same time. A video content on the web has actually become a reliable way to increase click-through rates and digital conversions that has made the marketers realize its worth making play button to become the most compelling call to action on the Web.

Focus on video analytics and attribution will increase

For, video will become a more prominent part of the marketing mix; video analytics will be paid great attention and will become extremely valuable. Moreover, the video marketing platforms are becoming more and more effect in terms of analytics and that they offer the ability to track much more than just view counts. Gaining insights into how each video is contributing to lead generation and revenue and finding what is the actual audience engagement and average drop-off rates for the videos has become easier than ever. So, now marketers don’t need to depends on the only metric like view count to evaluate the video marketing results as they will now be able to find even who is watching each video asset and how video is actually contributing to marketing and sales goals.

YouTube will not remain the most preferred but not the main focus to distribute videos

YouTube of course is a great channel for video distribution and that it helps big time in expanding your reach and attracting new audiences, but it’s not going to be the only channel for video distribution next year and it will not remain the only hosting platform for videos embedded on your own website and across other social networks as well. Although YouTube offers a very affordable solution for video hosting, the reason accountable for this change is the lack of tools YouTube offers to make video an integrated part of your digital brand and content marketing programs. It fails to offer the data and tools that can help you convert video assets into valuable marketing tools.


Number of marketers making video as a part of their digital marketing and demand generation strategies will increase tremendously in 2015. Apart from realizing the importance of video, they will also be able to understand that YouTube isn’t the most excellent way to optimize results.

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