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Amplify your presence in 2019 with the new content creator for LinkedIn. The content creator will help improve your SEO score. Do not overthink so much because in this article we will highlight what works best for you.

Why marketers need to take note

LinkedIn would want its users’ outreach to stretch globally. The new page suggestion includes a content suggestion tool available for page admins. The content suggestion page is a suite of tools that should help your business use advanced analytics tools to engage with employees.

LinkedIn client base generates millions of content feed in any given day giving business new opportunities to get in touch with these clients. The new suggestion tool enables admins to present content through filtering methods such as location, job function, or level of seniority.

As an admin, customization of posting buttons that drive specific actions that include actions such as “contact –us,” “request demo,” “sign up,” “visit website” or even “register.”

The new “share with employees” allows admin to post content to followers or employees to build their personal profiles.  The feature is part of a suite designed to help companies make a connection with their employees on the same platform.

The share feature allows the user to re-share and responds to posts on LinkedIn. Marketers should not let this opportunity pass in including all their data on LinkedIn for the admin to check website SEO score and get a comparison on how each page is performing.

In summary, the LinkedIn content suggestion for page updates does the following:
  • Page content suggestions
  • New tools for employee engagement
  • Improvement on page conversations

Using the LinkedIn Content Suggestion for Page Updates

1. Define Marketing Vision

Before getting the business of marketing, using the content suggestions for page updates, bring into focus all your ideas and define the vision. The vision should be in line with generating more business leads, increase brand awareness, build a trusted community around the brand, connect with the real customers and clients, and lastly promote your products and business.

The use of websites that can improve your website SEO ranking and reach more readers through sites offering tips on bloggers outreach is not a bad idea

2. Choose the Type of Content to Use on LinkedIn

A marketer should already have an idea on the kind of content that LinkedIn uses. Find out the best approach to interact with your potential clients.

  • Some of the media content supported by the platform:
  • Content Media
  • Use the following criteria to publish the different type of content
  • Personal profile
  • Groups
  • Direct message or InMails
  • Emails
  • Content from other people

Succeeding Using LinkedIn Content Type

The same way you would want to use other social media platforms, LinkedIn works well with native content. For example, sharing of links to an article means that the link being an external content will not get the same priority as native content.

Be aware that LinkedIn also changes its algorithms on prioritizing different data types. Sometimes back priorities were standing by text only post before changing to native videos.

For good measure have a ratio of 10% to 20% promotions and 80% to 90% quality content. Focus on creating a blend of native concepts with some video clips.

Creating LinkedIn Articles

Create articles using your personal profile and not on the company page because priority is not given to the news feed. Use the article to embed your multimedia content like videos and slideshows including your LinkedIn posts.

I recommend using the articles as a middle step between texts, videos, texts, and photos. Separate articles on one side and pictures on the other side. The video or text gives a summary of the topic where every piece promotes one of your articles, and every article points to content upgrades and new articles of the blog.


Using LinkedIn Text and Photos as Posts

Text and photos are good posts as long as you avoid links pointing to external websites. You can use links in the form of comments to avoid punishment by the LinkedIn algorithm.

You can link to another of your LinkedIn article hosted within the site. This allows for the promotion of the native link using videos and articles within context.


Using LinkedIn Videos

LinkedIn videos have high priority in the news feed. This is due to competition coming in from YouTube and Facebook videos on the business front.

LinkedIn targets professionals in a working environment; it may not be possible to listen or watch a long video in such a situation. LinkedIn came up with a subtitle for each video and including the video summary in the description section.


3. Choose Topics and Theme to Use

What to publish on LinkedIn should no longer be a problem. Good content must have the characteristics that will make the audience to fall in love with it, content that shows your experience, and can convince your audience.

Have the right blend of topics and themes to maximize engagement. Remember that writing the same topic repeatedly makes your audience tired. Try a different theme periodically and probably different approach with every content.

Keep off corporate speak so that you do not kill possible engagement with your audience. Choose to communicate with the hindsight of website SEO score to maintain the conversation in a personal and friendly tone.

The following suggestions should get you started:
  • Opinion pieces
  • Read more on how to content
  • Write about events
  • Achievements
  • Industry news
  • Life and business lessons
  • Announcements

Good content can be leeway to educating and entertaining through evoking emotions.

4. Create Processes and Systems that Show Workflow


Content creation is an overwhelming task. Organize your team and make sure they use the same procedure to get to the same results from anyone. Assign them topics using your content strategy and let them plan their writings carefully. Encourage them to reach more people by using infographics outreach and by setting specific website SEO score.

You can propose deadlines to determine content management, planning, research, editing, reviews, and publishing.

Make it more interesting by assigning team members different duties such as project manager, visual creators, SEO score checker, researchers, publisher, etc. There is nothing wrong with taking all the tasks if you are the only one managing the digital marketing department.

Populate a Sales Funnel Using Native LinkedIn Content

As a digital strategist, you already know the type of content and media to use. Bring all these in one place with the intention of increasing your SEO score when readers connect with your story. Know when is the right time to move people away from LinkedIn to your website.

Create many website SEO score points across all channels and publishing sites. Every piece of content you publish must be new and have the latest information posted on your website. The link to your content should lead to every native content posts. Make it mandatory that people submit their email address so that you can have a mailing list.

Content Suggestion for Pages Tips

Always be alert for new ideas on how to maintain your market and customer engagement; do not forget the following:

● Target the Right Audience

The ideal target should be similar to your professional avatar. Look out for people who stand to benefit from what you sell and make sure you can pay for them when need be. Educate the audience in areas that they do not understand.

● Engage With Interested Parties

It is essential to talk to people who like, comment, or share your content. Follow them by replying to their feedback and appreciating their share and initiate a conversation.

Such engagements keep your network on the growth channel because when a person likes a comment, even the friends see their action.

● Be Part of Other People’s Content

Following other people creates a conversation because it also adds value to what you say and share. Always leave relevant content so that the authors can start maintaining a conversation with the content creator.

● Content Optimization

Make sure you strategize on ways to make your content engaging by using:

  • Adding questions at the end of the article to encourage comments
  • Ask people to follow you on other social media platforms as well
  • Use hashtags to be discovered by people interested in the same discussion
  • Have a brand hashtag so that your audience can follow and see what revolves around the topic
● Make sure Your Profile Explains Your Business

Brand yourself as a product and not companies because we all need human connections. Optimizing the LinkedIn page involves using a professional headshot, use a header image, and create a tagline. The concept of broken link building can also help in re-inventing your corporate image or brand.


For you to reach this far, I am sure you have understood your readers and can now create a LinkedIn profile that abides with algorithm giving you an edge over your competitors.

Create time to create and publish regularly. Every article should act as a ladder to keep the conversations going on and establish deep relationships. Once you lock on to a particular audience, personalize it, and keep the relationships going. The best you can do is to show them that they can buy from you.

Tell us more about what you think and share with us how successful you have been in using LinkedIn. Share your comments and suggestion in the comment section.

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