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The last time we came across the word ‘organic’, we immediately pictured a basket of organically grown vegetables and fruits. So, when we came across a term ‘organic likes’, it sure as hell confused us! So, we did a little bit of digging (organically), to understand just what this term meant.

In the era of millennials and the drastic evolution of the web and tech world, everything that happens sells or even markets is all out there on the web.

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Much to most of the conventional people’s dismay, there is no escaping this trend that has emerged and now slowly taken over the other conventional means for marketing and promoting.

The millennials of today have seen the phases of Orkut, Facebook and now the era of Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok! All these portals started off as mediums of connecting to your friends and family, and today have become tools where you can literally market yourself. Talk about a boom in the PR world. If recent trends are seen closely Facebook has become a platform with a huge market that new and evolving brands can cash in on.

Almost 2.23 billion people log on to Facebook daily. Imagine tapping in on a reserve of a potential target audience, which logs on every day whenever they have the time. Yes, it is indeed a huge market to tap on to, but like they say the best things in the world never come free! Uploading and advertising to the right target audience at the right time through Facebook has a certain charge levied. This means one needs to pay to promote their posts and advertisements.


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The process through which one is able to maneuver the same numbers if not more likes or shares towards their posts and ads is known as ‘Organic Likes”. When a particular post marketed and shared by you reaches the demographic and target audience without piggybacking on any other paid distribution it is known as ‘Organic Reach’.

It is very normal and workable for established brands and companies to promote on Facebook with the aid of paid marketing. However, if you are just venturing into the biz world and have set aside most of your funds for other aspects, it becomes difficult to arrange extra money to opt for the effective yet expensive mode of paid Facebook marketing.

Thank god, for the whiz kids and the tech gurus we now have a walk around for this probable problem as well. The solution dear friends are to Go Organic! Just like organic fruits and vegetables that take time to develop and become what they are, the way of ‘organic reach’ that leads to ‘organic likes’, will take time to mature but will never the less be fruitful.  In all totality, it is true that even the most established brands to date face certain hiccups when dealing with organic reach. Truth beholds organically reaching that gold mine of organic likes on Facebook is a mountain climb!

However, for those of you willing to be patient to market yourself the organic way, here are a few pointers!

Target the Audience at the Right Time (TART)

The first trick of the trade to succeeding organically is to be aware of the times when your target audience logs on to Facebook. The number of likes invariably depends on the number of people who are active at the time when you post. If you already have a Facebook page you can use the analytics provided there to check when your target audience is present online. So make sure your eyes are focused on the TART!

The Mixed Bag of Content

There are different types of posts that engage people differently. It is important that there be versatility when it comes to the type of posts you put up. The content needs to be short, concise yet powerful.  It should be informative and preferably carry some image as well. Nowadays companies market extensively with the help of live video streams, and texts or articles that initiate some kind of discussion. Using the strategy to market with different content is the best way of reaching the bull’s eye the organic way.

Quality aces Quantity

Do you ever get fed up with a charade of constant videos and other updated content that people post on Facebook? If yes, we are sure you would not want to become one of those unliked and unwatched posts. It does not matter how many posts you put up on Facebook, but what matters is the relevance of it with your product or yourself, and definitely the quality of the post. So keep your posts informative and interactive.

Live gets a Vibe

If you take a look at all the current social media platforms, the one thing you will see is live stories and video content. The most upcoming and effective way of getting those organic likes is to post more live content. With the help of live content, one can interact with the users and connect with the real time. You can also schedule and announce your live session so that more people connect with you at that time.


Engage your Audience

Since we touched upon the topic of connecting with the audience, this tip is bound to follow. It is very beneficial if you can interact and reply to your audience. The few ways of doing so are by replying to any comments left on your post, and by handling those few negative and not so good feedback as well. The more people see you actively engaging with the audience, the more your chances for getting organic likes increases.


Contesting the Contestants

The most popular series of all times ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ has a Facebook page that regularly promotes and engages its audiences by hosting live quizzes. The evident outcome of this activity is that more people talk about your product/service and you don’t need to shell out huge amounts of money.

The scope that Facebook marketing is humungous, and with the help of organic likes, one can achieve the desired result. What matters is hitting the iron at the time when it is right and then waiting for the results.

Happy Organic FACEBOOKING!

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