Almost 90% of people have a habit of never leaving home without their smartphone in hand.

Smartphones are indeed of greater importance to us now. The internet use is also growing rapidly as it has opened doors to many opportunities and services.

These portable mobile assistants help in many ways.

Mobile users keep their devices nearby and have a habit of checking it frequently.

Such devices allow them to explore cool things online when bored too.

They have apps which allow us to complete many of our tasks just by a single tap on our phone on our phones.

To know more about such apps read here.

Thus, whatever your passion or your business is you will find a large number of your customers using mobile to go online instead of desktop PCs or laptops.

The main thing on which this article focuses on is to reveal the significant difference between the mobile only and the desktop heritage users.

We will also explore the behavior of the mobile phone users while surfing online.

Some of the points discussed in this article are:
  • Mobile optimized sites
  • Transactions by mobile phones
  • How often smartphone users buy
  • Mobile phone users in the different online store
  • Marketing strategies for smartphone users
  • Preferred search engine
  • Voice technology in smartphones
  • Real-Time News
  • 4G Services and the fast internet
  • Accessing information:
  • Data usage
  • Mobile users activity peak timings
  • Smartphones – The future

Mobile Optimized Sites:

A large number of mobile phones user hate a mobile site that has a lousy user experience and loads slowly.

Smartphones are the devices that are used in a much new way.

The mobile version of your sites needs to be ready for smartphone users too. Thus, you need to optimize your mobile landing pages to get more and more sales.

  • A mobile-friendly site has the capability of attracting more and more customers.
  • You will need to make your site to load on a mobile phone in less than 3 seconds to get more and more sales.
  • You need either a separate mobile version for your website or make the desktop version a responsive design to attract more and more customers.

Mobile phone users love to have accurate and up to date information. They demand easy navigation too.

Transactions By Mobile Phones:


Google generates significant revenue for the mobile ads. This revenue is expected to be more than double in the upcoming years.

  • eBay expects its customers to make more than 10% sales by mobile phones.
  • PayPal also witnessed an increase in mobile payments in the last couple of years.

How often Smartphone Users Buy?

A large number of smartphone user’s love online shopping. M-Commerce technologies are becoming more and more representative.

  • Some studies reveal that almost 20% smartphones users make online purchases at least once in a day while 14% of smartphone users do it on a weekly basis.
  • 60% of US smartphone users do online shopping on a monthly basis.

Men and Women Preferences:

Recently a sample of almost 2000 customers was analyzed to get some details about the men and their mobile phone shopping preferences.

It was found that men make more online purchases through their smartphones than the women.

They love buying services.

Women mostly buy physical goods while doing shopping form their smartphones.

Mobile Phone Users in Different Online Store:


Consumers use their smartphones efficiently depending on the online store type in which they are.

In complicated stores, they prefer reading the reviews.

While in simple stores like the online food stores they intend to buy using coupons.

  • Mobile Shoppers also love shopping by agreements that give them significant discounts and allow them to save some money too.
  • Young smartphones users look more interested in real-time mobile promotion on their smartphones. 

Marketing Strategies For Smartphone Users:

  • Email is considered to be the preferable mobile marketing strategy.
  • More than 50% of smartphone users have purchased at least a single product from the promotional emails on their mobile phones.

Well, it doesn’t mean that if they recover the promotional mail then they will surely buy it from their cell phones.

Many of them purchased it afterward from their desktop PCs and laptops too.

The reason for which they prefer doing shipping through their PCs and laptop is security.

Consumers consider PCs/laptop to be more secure than the mobile phones.

Preferred Search Engine:

You need to be on the first page of the search engine to attract more and more customers via a search engine.

  • Smartphones users do a lot of research too before buying anything.
  • Among them, more than 60% of the users only have a look at the sites that are on the first page of the search results.
  • Google is found to be the number one search engine on which mobile phone user’s trust.
  • They loved its relevant search results and its clean interface.
  • Wikipedia and Yelp are other standard tools that mobile phone users use to search for information online.
  • People also like snippets in the search results as they give them their relevant information is an organized manner.

Thus, mobile SEO is indeed essential.

Voice Technology in Smartphones:

Voice technology in smartphones has helped people a lot. They need not type long texts now.

People now use voice commands to search online.


People don’t do much bookmarking web pages while using mobile.

The reason for this is that bookmarking is considered to be a buried feature in many mobile browsers.

As compared to mobile phones, people love bookmarking sites on desktop PCs and do it more frequently too. 

Real-Time News: 


People prefer mobile phones for getting real-time news about different happenings in the world.

That’s the reason they keep their mobile phones with them everywhere.

The uses of newspapers and radios have now been almost finished as mobile phones provide all such features with just a single finger tap.

4G Services and the Fast Internet:

The launch of 4G services has made the access to the internet much faster. One more great news is that 5G is also coming soon.

Thus, these mobile network generations make the use of internet much more comfortable.

More than 350 million people are accessing Facebook through their smartphones.

The smartphone users are more active on social media platforms as compared to the desktop users.

Accessing Information:

The information that is searched on the web by the smartphone users can be classified into three main categories.

These are:
  • Informational
  • Geographical
  • Personal Information

Informational needs are centered on a topic.

Geographical information needs are dependent on the location.

These can be classified into:
  • Local Explicit
  • Local Implicit
  • Directions

Geographical needs are the second most common needs for the mobile phone users.

Most people use GPS and the Google maps for locating the geographical information.

Mobile Users Activity Peak Timings:

Well, you might have hard that timing is everything? This indeed is true.

  • Some researchers reveal that mobile users activity peak timing is in the morning (6 AM – 9 AM) and the evening (6 PM – 11 PM).
  • The desktop users’ peak online activity timing is during the working hours, i.e., 9 AM – 6 PM. 

Data Usage:

Mobile phone users are sometimes cost conscious too.

Therefore when the data is limited or a bit more expensive, they try to employ different strategies to minimize the data usage.

For this reason, they prefer browsing over streaming video when the data is limited. 

Social Media, Entertainment, and Games:


Social media and messaging apps consume the most time of mobile phone users than the other activities they do on their phones.

The time people now spent on their mobile phones has surpassed the time that they and on TV and other print media.

Gaming is also an engaging category for the Smartphone users. The games that have social elements get more attention.

Smartphones – The Future:

Some latest surveys and researches show that the number of mobile phone users will undoubtedly increase in the upcoming years. Many cell phones already lie in the category of smartphones.

  • The most common mobile OS is Android.
  • While some rich guys prefer using iPhone too.

Final Words:

A shift in the way through which people access information has a significant impact on matters and innovator too.

Latest researcher reveals that mobile phone is central to a large number of activities being done online.

Well gone are the days when mobile phones were only used for making calls or texting. Now they offer many more services.

We spent most of our time on our smartphones using social media and checking emails.

Thus, people spend more money while surfing through their mobile devices online.

The smartphone use is being overwhelmingly popular for many activities now.

Search engine use on mobile phones has increased a lot too.

Entertainments, watching online video and accessing knowledge are some other things that people love doing from their smartphones.

Now, more and more mobile phone users are taking the benefit of the mobile phone technology to complete their daily life tasks at a faster rate. 


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