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Twitter is testing a subscription service charging advertisers $99 monthly to automatically promote their tweets.

The “private beta” program is intended to boost up the reach users and small businesses receive from their tweets. They may not be experts in online marketing or Twitter ad campaigns and would prefer a service that does it automatically.

Users’ first 30 days of automated promotion will be free. Then, they’ll be paying $99 a month and also, can cancel their subscription at any time.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the test on Friday, which was earlier spotted by Twitter user @davidiwanow.

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In order to participate in this private beta program user previous ads account will no longer be accessible. If they wish to launch new or concurrent ads campaigns, they can go to where they’ll be prompted to sign up for a new account.

If a user enters Twitter’s beta and, in the future, decide want information from their old ads account, Twitter will help them retrieve info they are looking for. He/she simply needs to send an email to ‘’.

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