twitter feature image

Twitter’s announced the news about this new update in a short video showing stickers. You can feature up to four stickers in your pictures while tweeting.

The three of the stickers which can be used are starter Pokemon in Sun and Moon, specifically Litten, Popplio and Rowlet. And the fourth one is a Pokeball. All the four stickers are absolutely free to use. Only these Pokemon-themed stickers are available to use on twitter as of now.

image from dsim

Mobile users can now add the exciting stickers in their images by adding pictures in their tweets. In order to access the stickers menu you have to tap on the smiling button on the bottom-right corner of the picture.

The users can add multiple numbers of stickers to a single image. One can also move and resize stickers around as they wish to. A twitter handler can also tap on the sticker pasted on the picture and all the other pictures will appear which have same sticker in it. This feature on Twitter will act as visual hashtags.

Pokemon Stickers are globally available so now you can use them in your tweets and make them more interesting.

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