Twitter users can now quickly adjust between latest tweets and top tweets.

A recent update released on iOS reveals that a button has been added to the top right-hand corner of the app while viewing the timeline.

Tapping the button will take to a reverse-chronological feed, and if tapped again will take the user back to the algorithmic feed.

See an example below:


In September, Twitter made an announcement that it was working to offer this feature. Now, this feature is available for use.

Early Twitter users will remember that the timeline was reverse-chronological for years by default.

Therefore, Twitter to attract more casual users came with a Facebook-like algorithmic feed.

This new feature has brought more engagement and conversions for Twitter.

Although, users still want to see the most recently published tweets.

But, Twitter will still like to show top tweets, which means users will once in a while have to re-enable the “latest tweets” feed.

The feature would have been rolled out on iOS, but will also be available for Android and desktop users.

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