Are you finding negative tweets in your search results? No need to worry now as Twitter is going to filter all negative tweets shown in search results.

The Twitter algorithms that rank tweets will be checking negative tweets that include below-mentioned factors-
  • Tweets that are sent by accounts with unconfirmed email addresses.
  • The multiple accounts made by the user sending the tweets.
  • Accounts that send tweets, again and again, mentioning other accounts which aren’t following back.
  • IP addresses.
  • Whether a specific tweet encouraged users to block the account that has sent the tweets.

The new approach of Twitter for ranking tweets will not consider the actual content of tweets and it’s because some of them (trolling tweets) may have good intention behind that.

When not considering the main content of tweets, Twitter can bring these changes on global level because language will not be a restriction.

Instead of completely removing negative tweets, Twitter will be filtering them by keeping them behind a “see more replies” button.

Therefore, in a test done, the results show that filtering negative tweets made a 4% decline in abuse reports from search results and 8 % reduction in abuse reports from chats.

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