The microblogging site, Twitter has unveiled new changes designed to enhance its users’ experience. The company announced an updated web font meant to improve speed and readability, more color options on user profiles, and new buttons on profile pages to send tweets or direct messages to another user.

A few months ago the company decided to use Gotham Narrow for the web font but they backed off and switched back to a sans-serif system default font, for there was a mixed reaction for Gotham Narrow at that time.

The new buttons on profile pages will make it easier to communicate with other users quickly. For example, if you click “Tweet to” while looking at Twitter profile of any ‘ABC’ identity, it opens a new tweet with “@ ABC” already at the beginning. The “Message” button sets up a direct message to the account.

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This latest change trails a design tweak to Twitter’s sign-up page last week, which took months of effort, according to Twitter product manager Christian Oestlien.

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