Updates would come and go but email marketing will remain one of the most classic applications of internet. It is not just because it is so cheap, privacy –oriented and reliable or has some real good key features but there are many other advantages associated with email marketing that makes it a standard medium for communication.

While sending an email you are somewhat aware with the users’ information and that they have permitted you to send emails as have given you their email address. Besides, unlike banner ads or search results email stays in the mailbox of the user till the time they don’t delete it and can be viewed multiple times and might strike the need for your product in users’ mind. Not just these there are many other advantages of email marketing however you should know the way to effectively conduct it. Here we are going to present some of the advanced email marketing tips for its better performance.

Email Marketing 1 A recent study unveiled that a third of all the emails that were sent in 2011 were opened on mobile devices. Well! This can easily explain about the latest trends of marketing rather digital marketing and it is important for you to account for these trends in your email marketing campaigns. In such scenario, you must ensure that the emails that you are sending can be easily read on mobile devices. For this you need to avoid complex design of your mails that generally uses lots of images, multiple columns and closely placed links that makes it hard to point to on mobiles.

• Make use of a Static IP Address

Email Marketing 2 We recommend that you should always try to maintain the same IP address as long as possible as spammers are known to change IP addresses very frequently. What happens that email programs looks for whether you are changing your IP address frequently or not and if they found you are spamming they block your message. Contact your internet service provider and ask for a static IP address, it might cost you a little bit more but is worth it. However, in some scenarios where in you have to change the IP address go slow when you have just started using it as in break your list of emails recipients in to smaller list and send them mails accordingly .

• Send the Email at the right time

Email Marketing 3 Although the emails remains in the inboxes of the recipients and they can read anytime but still it is advised to send the mails at a favorable time when the consumers are active on their email accounts as this is the time they check their inboxes. Avoid sending mails late at night or in the early morning. Yes of course people might go through your mail when they arrive at work but if that does not seem immediately important to the job, they delete it as they have the work pressure more in the morning. Hence try sending your mails during mid day as the people have managed their work graph till then and are more able to relax and read.
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• Go for the Best Days of the Week

Email Marketing 4 Right now we were talking about the best time of the day to send the emails and now we need to decide as to which days are best to send the emails. See usually Monday and Friday are the first and the closing day of the week respectively, so your consumers are quite engrossed with their work on these days. Forget about weekend as that is the time they unwind. You only have three days that are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday that lie in the middle of the week to send the emails. Hence try sending your emails on these three days of the week.

• Adjoin Social Media Sharing Links

Email Marketing 5 A recent study revealed that emails with social media share links have a 115% higher click-through rate than messages without them. So if you are getting skeptical whether it’s actually worth the effort or not the answer is yes its worth. It good to affix a social media share link with your emails in order to get your emails viral bringing some real good perks for your business. The latest trends say social media is in and it will never go out however there might be a change in the platforms but then you will have alternatives as always.

Hence these were some of the advanced email marketing tips that you can make use of to exhibit a better performance. Besides, research is the word, go ahead and find out more advanced ways like these to carry out email marketing in the best possible way and to witness some real good improvement in your business.

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