Are you looking for Digital Marketing courses in Sydney? Then you are at the right place!

But before we dig into them, let’s get to know about Digital Marketing and its scope.

Digital marketing strategy is so much more than emails and banner ads.

When it’s implemented well, it’s a real competing benefit that boosts business profit, and it’s the future of the marketing business

The need for digital marketing skills grew 92% in 5 years. Increase in digital-focused jobs outpaced overall marketing jobs by 30%.

The greater part of organizations reviewed expected to recruit more advanced experts over the coming year. Right now, 30% of the advanced abilities in Australia are indeed experts!

There is an expanded interest in applicants who have digital marketing proficiency.

Technology has developed over the last decade and has radically changed people’s way of communication, discovery, and consumption of products.

With 3.2 billion users on social media and eCommerce sales assumed to reach $4.5 trillion by 2021, every business is welcoming marketing digitally to reach new audiences, raise brand engagement, and drive the bottom line to grow.

Below, we can see there are over 2000 jobs in Sydney alone. And this number will only rise.

digital marketing jobs in sydney
Source: SEEK

According to McKinley Marketing Partners’ annual trends report, 61% of surveyed companies anticipated adding digital marketers to their teams.

Companies strive for equipped talent, especially at junior- to mid-levels of seniority.

Investing in these future-proof skills can benefit you advance in your current profession or exploring a developing field.

Digital Marketing Courses in Sydney

It is always better to join an Institution that provides Digital Marketing courses because you get a lot of benefits from them and they help you dig more into it systematically.

But, How Do You Pick the Best Digital Marketing (DM) Course for You?

A few points to keep in mind before you opt for a Course and institution :

  1. Know Your Intentions and What’s Needed from that Course
  2. Choose an Entire Course with an Updated Syllabus and Complete Modules
  3. The Time Expected to Complete the Course, Variety of Assignments and Projects Proposed
  4. Facilities and types of equipment
  5. Choosing Among a More Generic DM Course and Distinction in a Particular Niche
  6. Charges for Different Modules
  7. Legacy of the Institute
  8. Instructors’ Experience in the field
  9. Foundation of the Institution
  10. Training Program
  11. Accreditation of the Course Given
  12. Placement and Internship Support
  13. Recommendations and Reviews

Following are some of the best Accredited Digital Marketing Courses in Sydney. We have mentioned the institution, the course syllabus, and the reasons to join that course. Without any further delay let’s get to know about them.

The number one on our list is,

1. DigitalVidya


In 2009, DigitalVidya became India’s first institute to formally begin Social Media training seminars. In the same year, they officially launched their flagship Certified Digital Marketing Master’s Program.

Since 2009, DigitalVidya has evolved to become an Ed-tech company and has benefited more than 60,000 professionals from 55+ countries from their skill development and ennoblement programs.

In addition to giving skill development in the field of Digital Marketing, DigitalVidya has a great corporate presence where it not only offers these facilities to its clients through workshops and webinars but also attempts to blend itself in its digital ennoblement programs through content production, consultancy, digital marketing strategies, and large scale skill improvement programs.

Some of these brands are Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Nokia, Citibank, Tata Teleservices, Adobe, etc.

Over the years, DigitalVidya has worked with 15,000 + brands that show its accomplishment in coaching, upskilling, advancement, and ennoblement purpose.

DigitalVidya’s curriculum is created by the masters of the industry.

DigitalVidya has a team of over 70 expert practitioners/instructors, the majority have more than 20 years of expertise.

The most significant feature of these trainers is that they are experts in a single area of Digital Marketing.

Because of this, they have dedicated specialists for each of the Digital Marketing channels like SEO, SEM, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, inbound marketing, marketing campaign, and Google Analytics other areas.

There is also “The Executive Program in Digital Marketing” which is co-created and designed by DigitalVidya and Deakin University.

It is created for marketers who are looking forward to developing their Digital Marketing understanding as well as Professionals who want to begin a career in Digital Marketing.

Program Modules

Month 1 – Understand Digital Marketing Landscape & create your own Online Presence

Month 2 – Digital Marketing for Brands, Social Media Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Month 3 – Digital Brand Strategy and leveraging Email Marketing

Month 4 – Increasing Brand Visibility with Google Ads & leveraging Google Analytics

Month 5 – Inbound Marketing & Leadership Insights

Month 6 – Insights into Content Driven Marketing Techniques & Affiliate Marketing

Month 7 – Begin with Internship, E-tail techniques & Strategize Digital Marketing

Month 8 – Get industry-ready -Internship, Programmatic & Facebook Marketing

Month 9 – Marketing through Youtube & Whatsapp

Month 10 – Award yourself with your own “Wall of Certificates”


It is only after successfully applying their students in good positions, that DigitalVidya considers its purpose done.

DigitalVidya has an effective Placement Cell that correctly serves this purpose by giving suitable arrangements.

DigitalVidya graduates have also gone on to become successful businesses. Some of our trainees are currently working with DigitalVidya as expert practitioners/instructors and granting Digital Marketing skills to the fresher batches.


Internships are important because they allow students to understand and implement technical concepts in a real-world setting. The internship aids in the construction of a deeper grasp of the work atmosphere.

Internships at DigitalVidya empower students to obtain practical exposure in the field of digital marketing. After finishing the course, DigitalVidya now gives three internships to its students.

1. Paid Internship in Digital Marketing

DigitalVidya grants paid internships on the successful completion of training courses. To be acknowledged for this paid internship, you must perform the course on schedule and have great communication skills.

2. Internship with Digital Vidya Based on Research

Participants in this internship work with DigitalVidya’s Content Marketing Team to determine how to use blogging to promote a business online.

3. Social Media Internship with NASSCOM, an Indian government institute

This internship wants participants to work at NASSCOM FOUNDATION. The NASSCOM Social Media Internship is originally a Social Media internship in which interns produce content and generate value interaction for NASSCOM’s various CSR efforts.


DigitalVidya is serving as one of the best Digital Marketing programs in Sydney since it highlights both academic and practical learning.

DigitalVidya gives three internal and twelve external certifications to trainees who finish the Digital Marketing Course in Sydney.

Here is a DigitalVidya review where the alumni believe Online Learning is the future.

Course Curriculum

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM/Google AdWords)

3. Social Media Marketing (SMM)

4. Email Marketing

5. Inbound Marketing

6. Web Analytics (Google Analytics)

7. Facebook Marketing

8.15 Advanced Digital Marketing Topics

Course Duration

  • Live online Fast Track Training – 4 Months
  • Live online Regular Track Training – 7 Months

Course Fees

DigitalVidya’s course fee for CDMM, Sydney is $1250

Executive Program fees start

@ INR 6,429 p.m. (inc taxes)

Reasons to join this Course:

  1. The faculty of DigitalVidya constitutes expert instructors. Most of them have more than 20+ years of industry experience.
  2. The training curriculum is well-planned and very engaging.
  3. It also involves access to updated content & several tools.
  4. DigitalVidya gives lifetime access to the course material.
  5. Practical Assignments and Research-Based Internships
  6. 100% Placement Assistance
  7. 15+ Industry Certifications (including Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn)
  8. Specially created Q&A Forum for Students for clarification of doubts.
  9. Free Tools worth INR 72000/-
  10. DigitalVidya offers exclusive Digital Marketing Internships that improve your skills.

As mentioned above DigitalVidya has touched over 55+ countries and has been giving comprehensive training internationally. It includes certifications that are globally recognized.

The course has been planned in such a way that even working professionals can up-skill their digital marketing strategy and obtain in-depth understanding right from the convenience of their homes which will serve you to attain maximum customer benefit by generating highly active leads online.

You may apply a free demo lecture to get a fragment of how learning is at DigitalVidya.

Contact Details:

Phone: +91-80100-33033




Delhi School of Internet Marketing offers extensive personal training for industry directors, entrepreneurs, and newbies. They help traders join the best target market with the lowest purchase price.

Learning has become online now, you can take up any course in the world by just sitting at home. You can join DSIM through online lectures.

You can discover how to advertise online, draw potential customers, boost website traffic, and increase sales income by comprehending the brand and market, as professionals do.

Masters in Digital Marketing Course of DSIM is Asia’s 1st HYBRID Program. It is India’s complete PREMIER Google Partner Institute to date.

The program has 19 modules, and students commit effectively to digital marketing by utilizing digital marketing moves such as search engines, social media, Google ads, email marketing, next-generation, and more.

DSIM’s Masters in Digital Marketing Training Program begins with Two Main goals:

  • First Goal :

To make you a complete professional in marketing any industry, product, or assistance online by delivering in-depth understanding along with valuable exposure.

  • Second Goal :

To make you make real money as a part-time or full-time freelancer in digital marketing.

DSIM provides 4 courses in 1 :


Course Curriculum:

COURSE 1 Digital Marketing

1. Effective Email Marketing – 10 Hours

2. Email Automation – 4 Hours

3. Consumer Acquisition Strategy – 10 Hours

4. Facebook Marketing – 6 Hours

5. Facebook Advertising – 6 Hours

6. LinkedIn Marketing – 3 Hours

7. Twitter Marketing – 2 Hours

8. Instagram Marketing – 4 Hours

9. Pinterest Marketing – 2 Hours

10. Snapchat Marketing – 1 Hour

11. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – 15 Hours

12. Social Media for SEO – 2 Hours

13. Mobile Optimization – 1 Hour

14. Competitors Analysis on Google – 6 Hours

15. Google Ads – 10 Hours

16. Display Advertising – 6 Hours

17. Mobile Advertising – 3 Hours

18. Video Advertising – 3 Hours

19. Advanced Campaign Optimisation – 2 hours

COURSE 2 Advanced Marketing Analytics &


 1. Multiple Strategies to Increase Organic Reach

2. Google Analytics

3. Reporting & Dashboards

4. Conversion Tracking

5. Data Collection & Processing

6. Business Scaling Strategies

7. Optimization Techniques Automation Advance Scaling Strategies

COURSE 3 Affiliate Marketing Master Class (How to make money with Affiliate and Blogging)

1. Affiliate Marketing

2. Deep Blogging Secrets that makes money

COURSE 4 Specialization Modules

1. Media Buying & Planning – 3 hours

2. How To Grab Freelancing Projects? – 3 hours

3. e-Commerce Marketing – 3 hours

4. Programmatic Marketing – 4 hours

5. Integrated Digital Marketing – 3 hours

6. Black Hat Techniques – 6 hours

7. Blogging Secrets that makes money – 6 hours

Course Duration :

3- 6 Months

Reasons to take this course:

  1. Digital Marketing tools worth 72,000+ FREE
  2. 14 Certifications from Google, Facebook & Hubspot
  3. Job Assistance across India
  4. More than 10 teachers per batch. Industry experts lead the trainer.
  5. Concentrates on hands-on training to empower members to take on project-based assignments shortly after course completion.
  6. Admittance to industry webinars led by experts from leading corporations and institutes for free (as part of the course)

Contact Details:

Phone: +91- 8800290309


3. Australian Academy of Digital Marketing

Australian Academy of Digital Marketing

The Australian Academy of Digital Marketing is a top provider of home study and classroom-based courses in Australia.

Here you acquire the basics, develop your skills or successfully lead campaigns with courses designed by industry experts.

The academy permits students to meet each other, ask for help if needed, and start networking from the start. It offers a balanced program for you to build your skill set.

There Digital Marketing course is divided into three parts:

 Study Method,Duration,FeesHome StudyClassroom Based(Classes with tutor)Home StudyClassroom basedHome StudyClass room study
CertificateOnline Tutor Support5 days or 10 evenings3 -6 months3 -6 months$695$1,395
Advanced CertificateOnline Tutor Support10 days or 20 evening6-12 months6-12 months$1,195$2,995
Post Graduate CertificateOnline Tutor Support15 days or 30 evenings9-18 months9-18 months$2,195$3,795

Course Syllabus:

1. Fundamentals of Marketing

2. Inbound Marketing,

3. Content Marketing,

4. SEO

5. Email and Social Media Marketing

6. Advertising, Mobile Marketing,

7. Web Design and User Experience, and Analytics

Reasons to join the course:

  1. Completely recognized part-time courses
  2. Experienced trainers
  3. Hands-on assignments
  4. Self Paced
  5. No Qualification required
  6. Easy Payment plans are available
  7. 14-day fill inspection refund
  8. Placement (Optional) for one month’s course
  9. Students can take up to 36 months and study at their own pace

NOTE: Students must be 18+ to join the course

The Academy has gained accreditation from The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standards Office.

Scholars of the Australian Academy of Digital Marketing have the eligibility to join the Content Marketing Association (CMA) as Student Members.

Contact Details:

Phone: 03 8658 3955




IIDE is Awarded as “India’s Best Digital Learning institute” by Indian Education Congress and Awards 2020, it is now operating globally and boosting the bar of granting education all over.

IIDE offers a complete Digital Marketing Course with 13+ Certifications and excellent teaching methods.

Trainees will learn from high-quality self-paced video programs curated and guided by top industry professionals & experts.

Course Syllabus

1. Digital Scenario in India

2. E-Commerce Marketing

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

4. How to Monetize Your Blog

5. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Google Ads

6. Content Marketing

7. Advance Content Strategy

8. Design Essentials

9. Social Media Marketing

10. Influencer Marketing

11. Brand Reputation Management

12. Web Analytics

13. Creative Strategy

14. Media Planning

15. Soft Skills

16. Email Marketing

17. App Store Optimization (ASO)

18. Website Planning & Development

19. AD Psychology

20. Copy-writing

Course Duration & Fees

The duration of the digital marketing course which is online in Sydney is 3 – 4 months which comes down to approximately 12 hours per week.

The fee for the course is AUD 1218 (Approx) + Taxes with a 0% EMI option available.

Reasons to join the course:

  1. 40+ Hours of Video Learning
  2. 70+ Hours of Live Learning
  3. 20+ Industry Tools Mastery
  4. 7 Modular Assignments
  5. 13+ Certifications
  6. 8 Brand Projects
  7. 1-on-1 Mentoring
  8. 1 Final Project
  9. 100% placement assistance
  10. 250 + Hiring Partners
  11. 0% EMI Option
  12. Super Sessions
  13. Expert faculty
  14. Career Guidance
  15. Learn from Experts
  16. Live Q&A
  17. Resume & Interview Training

Contact Details:

Phone: +91 96199 58615


5. General Assembly

General Assembly

This course will provide you with the skills you require to be a fruitful and efficient marketer and keep speed with an evolving digital landscape.

You’ll acquire current tools and best practices to accelerate sales leads, increase customer engagement, and promote your brand to stand out in a full market.

In this course you will:

  • Explore new thoughts and tools via expert-led lectures and discussions.
  • Comprehensive hands-on practices to strengthen newly learned skills.
  • Sink deeper into topics and methods using real-world situations.
  • Get Personalized feedback and help from your instructional team.
  • Implement what you’ve acquired to create a portfolio project

Course Syllabus:

  1. Objective-First Marketing

2. Customer Insights

3. Social Media

4. Paid Search

5. SEO and Content Strategy

6. Google Analytics

7. Measurement

8. Testing

9. Email Marketing

Reasons to join the course:

  1. 40 hours* of expert instruction created to build a well-informed foundational digital marketing skill set.
  2. A quick onboarding task to prepare for this course.
  3. Robust coursework, including expert-vetted lesson cards, project toolkits, and more. Refresh and improve your knowledge during your professional course as needed.
  4. A real-world, multichannel campaign, polished and executed with assistance from your instructor.
  5. Personalized feedback and guidance from instructors and TAs during office hours. Stay motivated and make the most of your practice with the help of GA’s dedicated unit.
  6. Exclusive access to alumni discounts, networking events, and career workshops.
  7. A GA course certificate to display your new skills on LinkedIn.
  8. Associations with a professional network of instructors and companions that lasts well past the course. The global GA association can support your drive and succeed in the marketing field.
  9. Whether you wish to level up or begin a new career, General Assembly offers a bunch of student financing and payment options to make your educational path easy.

Contact Details:


6. Simplilearn


Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing course in Sydney will convert you into an absolute digital marketer with expertise in the top eight areas — SEO, social media, pay-per-click, conversion optimization, digital analytics, content, and mobile marketing.

You will become industry-ready by acquiring the most advanced tools, managing real-world projects, and attending Masterclasses from the Facebook team.

Course syllabus:

  1. Mastering SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, and Digital Analytics

2. Mastering Social Media, Mobile Marketing, and Digital Strategy

3. Advanced Web Analytics

4. Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

5. Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) Program

6. Advanced Social Media (With Facebook Blueprint Voucher)

7. Harvard Business Publishing Case Studies for Digital Marketing

Course fees :


Course Duration :

6 months

Reasons to join this course:

  1. Industry-advised learning path
  2. Access to 35+ live, instructor-led batches for the key course
  3. Special access to Digital Marketing Experts
  4. Earn a Masters’s Certification on completion
  5. Prepares learners for 9+ certifications
  6. Covers 40+ digital marketing tools
  7. More than 250 hours of high-quality eLearning

Contact Details:

Phone: 1800-212-7688

Final thoughts on Digital marketing courses in Sydney

That’s about it! Apply to anyone based on your wants and an institution that helps you achieve your goal.

The value of digital marketing has doubled since the world faced a pandemic. With the internet growing to be the new normal, it is necessary to adjust to new ways of learning as well as advancing businesses.

There’s nothing like acquiring digital marketing from practicing professionals, and institutes like DSIM and DigitalVidya do a great job at that.

DigitalVidya’s Online Digital Marketing Course with 15+ Certifications will equip you with the appropriate amount of knowledge and effective skills that you’ll need through a fresh, economical, and real-world applicable curriculum.

Nevertheless, it is also necessary for you to comprehend digital marketing inside out to help you obtain a better knowledge and command of the actions carried out by your hired digital marketing agency. To learn digital marketing, we’ve got just the suggestion for you!


1. Which is the best institute for Digital marketing courses in Sydney?

DigitalVidya is at the top of our evaluation based on the picks in the preceding section, due to its outstanding online digital marketing training in Sydney.

It is a leading online instructor-led training Institution and has aimed to improve the course over time by adding Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn industry certifications.

They also offer 100% internships and 100% placement assistance to students who complete their courses on time and thoroughly.

2. What are the fees for a digital marketing course in Sydney?

In Sydney, the cost of digital marketing training ranges from $1000-$2000.

This is reliant on the course level you choose, such as a digital marketing certification program or a postgraduate level program.

3. What is the eligibility for a digital marketing course in Sydney?

The eligibility for pursuing a digital marketing course differs from one university to another. Enrollment in the qualifying course normally requires you to be a university student.

The prerequisite to applying for a postgraduate course is a graduation degree from a university-recognized college.

4. What is the average salary of a digital marketer in Sydney?

The average digital marketing salary in Australia is $82,093 per year or $42.10 per hour. Junior-level posts start at $70,000 per year while most qualified workers make up to $120,000 per year.

Salary for a Digital Marketing Manager differs hugely depending on expertise, skills, category, and region.

5. What is the duration of the digital marketing course in Sydney?

The duration of the digital marketing short courses digital marketing course in Sydney is 3 to 8 months. Some of the courses also require one year for completion. Many institutes provide classes on weekdays and weekends.

We hope this listing of digital marketing courses in Sydney serves you to make the appropriate choice and guides you to a successful future!

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