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As 2018 is round the corner, once again marketers have begun evaluating upcoming trends & strategies. Here, we’ll talk about Video Marketing. Truly, so far 2017 has been the year of video marketing and it’s being anticipated that the trend will continue prospering in the year 2018 too.

Staying on top of the trends is pivotal and thus, read below the trends to concentrate on as a digital marketer in the year 2018:

1) Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming has turned into a great approach to connect with customers and express the more human side of a brand. The platform is used for interviews, Q&A’s, behind-the-scenes video content and live events.

With the assistance of tools & apps like Facebook Live, BeLive, Zoom, etc. the trend has become easy to get to.

In 2018, the trend is expected to get even stronger and more interactive.

When Starbucks adopted the strategy, it brought not only attention to Starbucks’ involvement in the community yet in addition drove viewers who wouldn’t generally have the capacity to influence the event to find out about its significance and its motivation.

2) 360 degree videos

360 videos started as a trend amongst travelers on social media and further, spread to the world of marketing.

The idea means to reproduce how individuals see a scene and is gainful for organizations especially in the tourism area, for example hotels and restaurants. With its help, brands can provide consumers with an enhanced view of their facilities.

360 has evident implications for online shopping. But, marketers can apply it to their brand in any way. The example above is of 360 video for the Honda Civic. It’s really appealing and grabs your attention effortlessly.

3) Personalization + Video = The Perfect Pairing

It’s tied in with connecting and thus, the objective of creating personalized experiences is to connect with more people and increase their engagement in your message.

And, in marketing talk; it is referred for increasing click-through and conversion rates.

Individuals long for customized experiences as it plays into our desire for control: something that tells you that this is for you and so, you are in control.

And, within upcoming years, personalization of customer experience will need to become an operational standard for any advertiser who needs to stay applicable in an inexorably divided and managed condition.

4) VR Video Marketing

Virtual reality is still to a great extent unexplored territory. Though, a few global brands like Heineken and Tesco have made some strides.

This system is fixated on using a pair of glasses which project real-looking surroundings, influencing users feel that they are really there.

This includes more inspiration with respect to buyers, yet the impact is profound. With limited examples, it’s a bit difficult to make predictions on the effect of VR in marketing, but with the high-tech direction that video marketing is going in, by the end of 2018 our understanding of how effective the medium is will probably have expanded, a lot.

Tesco was the first brand to use virtual reality in its favor; with the aim of improving its consumers’ experience, this multinational chain recreated its physical supermarkets, ‘transporting’ its customers to them.

5) Video Mapping

Video Mapping is a powerful technique that comprises of making 3D projections on a flat surface, with or without accompanying sound. This is used in experimental marketing. Use of the innovation has turned out to be popular amongst different brands, but especially amongst StartUps, since it allows for much more well-known commercial or educational messages to be broadcast.

Here’s an example of projection mapping by Coca Cola.

So, have you started planning your strategy for 2018? Even if not, read the trends above and become acquainted with the key to support your transformation with video marketing.

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