There could be n number of reasons as to why a company needs to rebrand themselves. However, if done the wrong way it even sometimes turns off the most loyal customers. It does not mean you should not do rebranding at all. Rebranding is actually not an issue you just need to know the ways to do it.

Here we are going to discuss the most common rebranding mistakes and the ways to rectify them for you to rebrand without getting your customers turn away.


Simply Changing the Logo

Rebranding 1 Your brand is not just your logo or the company name, it’s a lot more. It is the whole lot that your business is starting from your mission statement to the colors, the customer service and everything else which sets your brand stand apart. Only changing the colors or the logo never implies that you are rebranding. So do not commit a mistake by making small changes on the name of rebranding as that will impact your brand negatively.


Repositioning the brand just by saying so

Rebranding 2 Your status in the market is supposed to be a big part of your brand. People might have been seeing you as the most inexpensive, the most eco-friendly or the most luxurious. You might feel to change the direction as the time passes however just saying so that you are going to rebrand won’t be counted. It will only confuse the consumers and turn them away. The idea is if you are doing well in your current business don’t change or rebrand however if you are keen to change your position you have to do it the right way or else you risk negatively changing how the consumers perceives you.


Supposing consumers to think your way

Rebranding 3 Customers out there are quite intellectual people however they can’t read your mind. So if you are changing your logo or the marketing slogan, make sure people are able to get that or else they will turn away. So it is necessary for consumers to associate the changes that you have made with your company so that they still stick to your brand. Besides, you might need to pay millions in order to make people familiar with the changes that you have made if they are not easy to be figured out by them, which is not at all good from rebranding or a financial perspective.
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Already have high existing brand equity

Rebranding 4 Well! If you already have high existing brand equitythen you should not think about rebranding. Besides, they say that don’t try to fix something that s not broken otherwise you will end up breaking it actually. So is the case with rebranding, never ever change it completely if it is going on good and your customers are happy. Yes of course you can go ahead and make small tugs if required and stay happy for you have built a robust and popular brand.

Changing a few things that seem appealing to the consumers

Rebranding 5 It can be helpful to some extent if you are simply making the changes what seems attractive to the customers however it is not going to solve all your concerns. If your brand is not doing well there are lots of things that need to be considered, changing only one thing is not going to work. You need to make all the aspects of your brand appealing in order to factually get the things better from the ground up. For this you need to devote time and fully analyze each facet of your business starting from product and services to location, customer service and so on.



Well! These were a few blunders that we might end up doing while rebranding and solutions to them. So if you are determined to rebrand go ahead and consider these errors for you to not commit it all over again by your side. Rebranding can be a boon or a sin depending upon the way you have carried it out. So carry it out the correct way.


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