Many most popular YouTube ads will never have been seen on TV. YouTube’s top 5 ads were not designed with TV in mind. Budweiser, Always # like a girl and Nike Football brands each cracked the list with ads made originally for the web.

If YouTube’s top 5 list is any indication, advertisers are starting to realize what works online isn’t always what works on TV. They’re also starting to take advantage of digital as a way to shoot ads that would be hard to imagine ever airing on TV and it’s paying off.

YouTube ranked the ads primarily based on how many paid and non-paid views they garnered and how much of a video people typically watched. It also considered other factors such as likes, shares and total watch time.

Following are the 5 most watched ads so far on YouTube:

5) Devil’s Due “Devil Baby Attack”
Views: 51,583,168
Uploaded: January 14, 2014
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4) Always “#LikeAGirl”
Views: 58,765,232
Uploaded: January 26, 2014
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3) Budweiser “Puppy Love”
Views: 58,621,880
Uploaded: January 29, 2014
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2) Nike Football “The Last Game”
Views: 86,663,808
Uploaded: June 9, 2014
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1) Nike Football “Winner Stays”
Views: 118,348,245
Uploaded: April 25, 2014
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