It’s been five months 2013 has arrived and it is supposed that the year will exhibit even more growth in trends that rely on organic marketing. There will be a decrease in direct marketing when compared to indirect marketing tactics. Indirect marketing as we all know is engaging consumers’ interest through information, quality content and interaction with a growing list of fans and followers.

No matter whether you are investing on PPC ads or not here we have a list of a few trends of digital marketing in this year that you must take advantage of.

Social Signals

Digital marketing 111 Social networking sites are getting more and more prevalent among the people as the time is passing. Social media map is covering a large part of internet users and that too at a quite faster rate. In such a scenario it is no wonder if other web platforms such as Google, Bing and Yahoo adapt themselves to also incorporate more with existing social networks.

It is the high time now and you must take actions to increase your social presence if you have not done it so far, as predicted by these latest trends. You have registered with all major players of social media network, which is wonderful. However have you connected your sites content to these social media outlets through so many tools they offer such as the share function? If you are doing so, you are letting your customers, viewers and general visitors to easily and quickly spread the content and information for you if they like it.

Not just that as told earlier its good if you have signed up with the social media major players as consumers come from there to your website and connect with your social media accounts by becoming fans or followers. See social signals are something which is never going to fade away however only the platform might change depending on the development of the technology. More or less, being a social animal human beings love to be social.

Increase in use of internet on Mobile Devices

Digital marketing 122 A recent research reveals a fact that 5 billion people around the world are using mobile devices. They also unveiled that out of these 5 billion mobile users, 1.5 are those who are using smart phones or tablets. Well this number is increasing continuously creating a trend which will finally lead to the increase in the number of people using mobile connections to use internet than those who will use conventional devices like computer and laptops.

You can take maximum advantage of this by acquiring the relevant knowledge in order to convey your message through mobile channels. Make sure your website is compatible for mobiles. You must ask your website developer to create a mobile friendly website especially for all smart phone or tablet users. You can get this done in two ways either you get an automatically redirecting mobile sub site of your main website created or simply get it redesigned for it to automatically adjust itself according to the screen of the device through a responsive design framework. Besides, you must build up a plan for mobile marketing strategies, which includes text messaging and promotional offers providing useful free apps and other mobile friendly services.

Content Engagement

Digital marketing 131 Although classical marketing tactics of brute advertising search engine manipulation and product pushing might seem useful in some context but are losing their effectiveness in a digital world that is saturated with advertising. People are not finding them interesting and appealing enough to pay their attention and time. It is not hidden now that what the people are hunting for, obviously the quality information, get them that! Go ahead and engage your customers and potential fans with helpful information through rich and immaculate content creation.

Get a blog if you don’t have one. It is the high time that you should get a blog and start posting fresh and immaculate content that should appeal to your business niche readers. Post new content on a regular basis and share it through your social media accounts as well to get it viral. You know it is just a click that’s required to get your content viral if the person on the other side likes it. Besides, never forget to acknowledge to the comments given by the consumers by giving a relevant reply. This is how you can promote your business expertise. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in building trust with the consumers. One more a very valuable thing that it does is creating a growing base of true fans and followers who are your true brand proponents.


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Authenticity has to be the motive of SEO

Digital marketing 142 Since the time Google has taken its relevant step in making search ranking more helpful and informative and has launched its first panda update in February 2011, people have become alert and have stopped performing unlawful SEO tactics to bring their site to the top in search engine results pages. Google has been constantly modifying its algorithms in order to upgrade its search result quality and have also launched another algorithm update named as penguin update.

Remarkably, these search changes have cleaned up a lot of spam and black hat tactics that were practiced as a highly effective SEO strategy. The update says that now you have to have high quality and fresh content on your site to achieve truly effective and long lasting optimization. You should build links organically through other high quality websites. Let me tell you about a few very important improvements related with optimization, which are

• Build a profile of high quality back links from other sites, which are not only favored by the people but also have a high relevance to your business niche. One ultimate way to go about this is to start guest blogging on popular sites.

• Have an internal link structure on your site and back links on other pages in a way that encourages a clean and natural flow of anchor text with content around it. You need not to practice exact match anchor text as it looks spammy and is not favored by Google.

• Go ahead and clean up your website for the users to find it easy to navigate and highly usable. Make sure your website is neatly organized not only to be liked by the visitors but also by Google search bots.

• Not just because it’s losing its effectiveness but the bigger reason that it is declared unlawful practice by Google, black Hat SEO tactics such as keyword stuffing, link farming, duplicate content and so on should never be practiced. It can ruin your search engine marketing presence and can hurt your sales.

Getting Visual!

Digital marketing 151 People are simply crazy about videos and you need to use this craziness to perk up your business. So if you can make some truly interesting, informative, entertaining and helpful videos, then you have created a really powerful marketing tool. It could be an easy way to get the people engaged through videos and get inbound links to your site. You are simply conveying the information and people get a lot of value out of it. You do that work ones and then it’s useful all the way down the line. Moreover, if your videos get viral, you are for sure going to have some major marketing gains. So go ahead and spread you videos though various social networking sites like you tube, vimeo and other video distribution sites. At same time, don not forget your website, getting videos on the website is a wonderful idea.

Hence these were a few trends of digital marketing in 2013 that you can take advantage of and boost you big business. You might have observed a few more trends like this which are more or less there, please go ahead and share with us to make digital marketing more paying and happening for all of us.

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