The way India is covering its journey on the path of economic reforms; it has become one of the fastest growing economies of the world. The best asset for India is its large and growing population, which can quadruple GDP and propel the country to the league of developed economies by the end of the next decade. However, all this will only happen if its population of 1 billion can be transfigured into a productive workforce.

There is requirement of millions of skilled workers in the different sectors. As per a recent research almost 90% of the labor force is poorly trained that’s making lack of employability in the country even more endemic. At the same time, demands are high and jobs continue to be created needing more and more skilled workforce. In such situation, it has become crucial for us to recognize new opportunities and prepare the supply side. Let’s have a sneak peek to top three sectors that are really very promising when it comes to employment generation and business growth, and have maximum job opening in India.

Information Technology


1119 The IT sector that has remained India’s sunshine sector for considerably a longer time, has contributed a lot to the Indian economy helping the country to grow from a slow developing economy to a global player when it comes to its provision of world class technology solutions. According to a research by IBEF (India Brand Equity Foundation), the Indian IT industry is set to touch Rs13644 billion by 2020.

Besides, as per a report generated by NASSCOM and industry experts with over 30 million workforce by 2020, the Indian IT will become the highest sector employer. Even the outsourcing industry is looking towards India and as per the estimations it will be a $151.6 billion industry in the next 24 months.



1218 The telecom industry in India is only getting bigger and better. A recent report generated by Zinnov, India already with almost 850 million mobile phone subscribers has a 15% smart phone penetration. This is certainly going to fuel the growth of enterprise mobility in India leading to significant employment growth.

Besides, regular initiatives are being taken in the country to uplift the ongoing situation. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is constantly working towards increasing the number of broadband subscribers to 100 million by 2014.

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Digital Marketing


1312 With 31% year-on year increase and an online population of 73.9 million, India is now the world’s third largest internet population. Besides, online retail in India is on rise as 60% percent of web users in the country visit online retail sites. Both these factors including a number of other factors account for a growing digital marketing industry in India. In fact when all other industries are struggling with 10 to 12 %, digital marketing industry is booming high with 30% growth rate.

The country requires lacs of skilled digital marketing professionals at present and in future too. Depending upon the current trends and market scenario, it is expected that things will only get bigger and better for digital marketing in the coming time. As per a recent study, there would be 2.4 lacs jobs in digital marketing by the end of 2016 in India.

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