Have you heard about social media movies and television shows that made a great impact on 21st-century existence?

Here is the list of top 20 movies about social media that you would add to your watch list-

1) The Circle

The Circle is inspired or based on the book written by Dave Egger. This movie shows the incidents that happen in a world where a search and social media company has taken over, eating up the market single-handedly.

In this world, cameras are always on, information is strongly controlled, and sharing your life is all but compulsory.

2) Catfish

The 2007 documentary film encrypts the nine-month ordeal was filmmaker Nev Schulman get involved with a woman through Facebook.

He tries to find out she is different from what she’s led him to believe.

3) Ingrid Goes West

Social media influencers have a very public life and that can take them to an assortment of interesting followers. The film Ingrid Goes West includes the life of Instagram influencer Taylor Sloane (played by Elizabeth Olsen) who befriends seemingly normal Ingrid Thorburn.

In the light of reality, Thorburn is a stalker who will do become friend with the Instagram celebrity including moving across the country in search of Taylor.

This black comedy tells about how far people can go to have an Insta-worthy life.

4) Eighth Grade

As the name of the movie suggests, the film follows the trend where teenage is hard enough for anyone, but taking the pressure from social media to be perfect can cause lots of hiccups.

Eighth Grade has been directed by comedian Bo Burnham, and it encrypts about middle school student Kayla Day of her last days of the eighth standard.

Kayla works to keep a particular image on her YouTube channel, but her real-life is far different.

5) InRealLife

The documentary was shot in 2013 which tells its audience about how the use of the internet and social media is influencing modern teenagers, including isolation, addiction, and distortion that can be the outcome of 24/7 connectedness.

6) 140

Again the title of the film tells about the script. The movie includes 140 filmmakers located in 140 locations throughout the world who were synchronized through Twitter to make a film of 140 seconds at the same time.

The 140 filmmakers had to shoot whatever it is that connects them to their home and do it in only 140 seconds of continuous footage.

7) The Black Mirror: Nosedive

The third season of the popular show “Black Mirror” premiered with “Nosedive” is a separate episode shoot in a society where social networking and rating systems are even more embedded than they actually are.

The film shows that every person has a rating, which can be seen everyone else just by looking at them. This rating is affected by everything *-*/ a world depriving faithfulness and connection.

8) We Live in Public

This documentary shows the impact of the internet on mankind.

This movie features Josh Harris, an entrepreneur in the dot-com era, looks into the concept of ownership and the results of media through of a chain of experiments that includes broadcasting his day-to-day life on a webcam.

9) American Meme

This is a Netflix documentary that celebrities like Paris Hilton and DJ Khaled as they assess their online lives and debate whether follows and reposts can bring true happiness.

10) Inside

Next movie is “Inside” in which Christina plays the main role. The movie shows that she wakes up in a room after being kidnapped, with no memory she was there.

In the room, she has two tools- a laptop and social media audience.

Will these tools be able to help her escape?

11) Me and You and Everyone We Know

This movie is about the story of multiple characters trying to find connection and meaning the current world while exploring social media, online romance, and modern mores.

12) Disconnect

This movie tells about coming together of several storylines which then explore the negative side of social media and modern communication.

Whether it’s high school bully the couple with secrets or the workaholic lawyer, they all share one common thing and that is “everything (they) can do, someone out there can see.”

The casting includes Paula Patton, Frank Grillo Alexander Skarsgård, Jason Bateman, and even fashion designer Marc Jacobs.

13) #140 Characters: A Documentary About Twitter

This is a short documentary film that shows the impact of Twitter, especially for the four ordinary people shown in the film.

Each of the characters used Twitter as a jumping board for finding love, meeting an idol, growing a business, and starting a foundation, respectively.

14) The Orville: Majority Rule

With the 2017 episode from the first season of “The Orville,” social media audience mentality takes a sharp change.

This episode holds how the fate of one man is decided on the basis of votes he wins or loses in the court of public opinion through social media.

15) South Park: You Have 0 Friends

South Park in its 2010 Season and in 14 episode shows that “If you friend a loser on Facebook, you’ll become a loser too.”

You need to be selective while choosing your friends and companion on social media.

16) Nerve

Nerve is a social media-savvy cyber-thriller that includes the casts of Emma Roberts, Dave Franco, and Juliette Lewis.

Vee, the character played by Roberts, is a high school senior who gets on a social media-driven, high-stakes game of truth and dare.

17) Searching

A complete entertaining movie based on the theme of social media impact.

This film features 16-year-old Margot who disappears, and her dad will stop at nothing to find her.

He launches an aggressive investigation into his daughter’s disappearance, employing her social media accounts to find his daughter and other details.

18) Chef

Chef Carl Casper gets into a Twitter brawl with a food critic, causing him to lose his job and earn a large Twitter following.

His next step?

He opens his gourmet food truck and cooking whatever he wants to cook.

19) Noah

Noah is a 17-minute film and this movie has amazingly used the lens of a teen’s computer screen, and social media, especially Facebook.

Things get interesting when the main character Noah hacks into his girlfriend’s Facebook account.

This film was awarded the Best Canadian short film at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival, along with Best Live Action Short Drama at the 2014 Canadian Screen Awards.

20) You

This movie can make you think twice whether to have public social media profiles or not.

This movie tells a story in which a book store manager uses his social media to stalk a writer and start a relationship with her.


Social media movies are the best entertainment resources as they short and crisp.

Here is the list of 20 social media movies you should watch.

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