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Have you heard about ad networks before?

And, don’t know what these mobile ad networks do?

A mobile ad network is being used by advertisers for generating sales and leads for their products/services by placing their ads on a mobile app provided by publishers.

These ad networks can help you quickly monetize your mobile advertising campaigns in a big manner.

Now, before we start summarizing top mobile ad networks, let’s sketch out a few characteristics to describe what is a mobile ad network?

Mobile Advertising Business Models

All mobile ad networks offer users with various types of business models to run ad campaigns with. There are 5 major types-

#1 CPM (cost-per-mile)

Advertisers are paid for every thousand impressions shown to their visitors and it is also known as Cost-per-thousand.

#2 CPC (cost-per-click)

Advertisers get paid for each click on their mobile ads.

#3 CPI (cost-per-install)

Advertisers only get paid when a click on their ad is made and it results into “mobile app install.”

#4 CPA (cost-per-action)

Cost per acquisition- charged only when the user completes any specific action (in-app sale, subscription, form submit, sign up and more) after clicking the ads.

#5 CPV (cost-per-view)

In CPV, advertisers are paid when the user sees complete video ad while browsing any ad.

Types of Mobile Advertising Networks

In mobile ad network, there are 5 major ad formats available.

1. Interstitial Ads

Full-screen ads that cover the interface of their host application.

2. Banners Ads

Beautifully designed banner ads, which is placed into mobile app interface.

3. Native Ads

Banner / Video ads matching the characteristics of the host app interface.

4. OfferWall Ads

Ad elements that display special offers to engage their audience.

5. Video Ads

Video ads consist of a short, usually up-to 60 seconds, video clip to advertise products and services.

Top 12 Mobile Advertising Networks:

1) AdMob

Google AdMob Ads is the biggest Mobile Ad Network in the world. Using it, application developers can promote their applications through in-app ads and monetize their applications by enabling in-app advertising. It also offers intelligent insights into Google Analytics. 


  • Mobile Platforms: iOS, Android, Unity, Cocos
  • Campaign Types: CPM, CPC, CPI
  • Supported Ad Formats: Native, Video, Interstitial
  • Targeting: Country, Region, Carrier, Connection Type, Mobile platform, OS version, Device, Audience (User Profile Data)
  • Key Markets: Global
Key Features
  • Ads from millions of Google advertisers
  • Native ads that don’t interrupt the user experience
  • Unlimited mobile app analytics
  • No SDK required
  • Maximize your revenue with user insights
  • Promote your apps for free
  • Get paid fast with no transfer fees

2) AdPushup

For publishers looking to grow their ad revenue, AdPushup is a hybrid mobile ad network with advanced revenue optimization features such as ad layout optimization, automated A/B testing, header bidding implementation, AMP converter, and AdBlock recovery.


  • Mobile Platforms: Mobile Web
  • Campaign Types: CPM
  • Supported Ad Formats: Banner/Display, Native, AMP, Link Units
  • Targeting: Custom
  • Key Markets: Global
Key Features
  • A comprehensive suite of revenue optimization tools
  • Partnership with top ad networks and exchanges
  • Dedicated account manager and after sales support
  • Quick setup and easy onboarding

3) Airpush

Airpush is the 2nd largest ad network for Android and the first in terms of performance for developers and advertisers.


  • Mobile Platforms: Android and iOS
  • Campaign Types: CPC, CPM
  • Supported Ad Formats: App Icon, Messaging, Notifications, Offerwall
  • Targeting: Custom
  • Key Markets: Global, United States
Key Features
  • Data-driven mobile advertising
  • Reduce CPA and increase your mobile users
  • Advertisers can target opted-in users based on their app download history with Airpush
  • 12 ad formats from a single interface
  • Programmatic buyers can bid on inventory
  • Campaign and reporting APIs
  • VR advertising and targeting

4) Chartboost

Chartboost is the world’s largest games-only technology platform and helps developers build a business around their creations. It provides a viable platform for cross-promotion with native ads, refined targeting, and tracking.


  • Mobile Platforms: Android, iOS
  • Campaign Types: CPI, CPI
  • Supported Ad Formats: Interstitial, Video, Offerwall, Content Lock
  • Targeting: Custom
  • Key Markets: Global, United States
Key Features
  • Internal Cross-Promotion
  • Direct Deals
  • Buy Extra Traffic
  • Real-time Analytics and data,
  • Full control over campaigns settings

5) Leadbolt

Leadbolt is a high-performance mobile advertising platform for user acquisition and in-app monetization. It allows mobile advertisers to reach and acquire quality users at scale.


  • Mobile Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone
  • Campaign Types: CPC, CPM, CPI, CPV
  • Supported Ad Formats: Banners, Interstitial, Native, Offer Wall, Rewarded Video
  • Targeting: Carrier, Category, Channel, Device, Geographical, OS, Time
  • Key Markets: Global
Key Features
  • Engage your audience with global reach
  • Chart-topping app developers
  • SDKs available for Android and iOS
  • Their contextual targeting technology lets you reach your audience
  • Convert audiences with a range of ads
  • Targeted ad placement to engage your audience

6) InMobi

InMobi is an innovative mobile technology company that allows the world’s leading brands, developers, and publishers to engage global consumers.


  • Mobile Platforms: Android, iOS, Mobile Web
  • Campaign Types: CPC, CPI
  • Supported Ad Formats: Banner, Native, Video, Interstitial, Rich Media
  • Targeting: Carrier, Channel, Country, Device, Operator, OS, Time
  • Key Markets: Europe, India, Japan, Kenya, South Africa, UK, United States
Key Features
  • Gives you the opportunity to drive engagement and revenue
  • Experience personalized advertising
  • Contextual and curated recommendations on mobile devices
  • Gives you brand engagement at scale
  • Help you cross-sell, re-target & re-activate users
  • HD video and native ads to engage users

7) Applovin

AppLovin is a mobile advertising company that allows brands to acquire and re-engage customers on mobile. It offers marketing automation and analytics for brands that want to reach new consumers on mobile.


  • Mobile Platforms: iOS, Android, Mobile Web
  • Campaign Types: CPC, CPA
  • Supported Ad Formats: Custom
  • Targeting: Custom, Re-targeting
  • Key Markets: United States
Key Features
  • Use data to reach new consumers on mobile
  • Consumer actions give you data, so you can adapt your strategy
  • Access to a large database of mobile users
  • Use real-time data to make the right decisions
  • Optimize and measures your campaigns
  • Acquire new consumers in the geographic regions you need

8) StartApp

StartApp is one of the best Mobile Ad Networks. This mobile ad platform is built upon mutual mobile app user data sharing principles and allows advertisers to build complete users’ profiles.


  • Mobile Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Campaign Types: CPM, CPI, CPA, CPC
  • Supported Ad Formats: Interstitial, Full Page Ads, Video, App Icon, InApp Ads
  • Targeting: Device, Gender, Geo, Connection Type, Competitors, OS, App, Carrier
  • Key Markets: Global
Key Features
  • 15TB of data per day for optimization
  • Social data platform that analyses social apps
  • Targeted promotions and offers
  • Classic SDK integration with S2S and C2S
  • They work with the top 40% grossing apps
  • Support all development tools

9) Unity Ads

Unity Ads is the ad monetization solution for mobile games from Unity Technologies. It works as a leading ad monetization solution for mobile games. It is centered towards game developers and helps them for monetizing on their games using video ads.


  • Mobile Platforms: Android, iOS
  • Campaign Types: CPI, CPM
  • Supported Ad Formats: Interstitial, Video, Banner
  • Targeting: Country, Connection, Device, Operating System
  • Key Markets: United States, Global
Key Features
  • Industry-leading eCPM
  • High global fill rate
  • Built-in to Unity Engine

10) Tapjoy

Tapjoy is a value exchange mobile ad network whose unique Mobile Value Exchange model enables users to select personalized advertisements with which to engage for virtual currency or premium content.


  • Mobile Platforms: Android, iOS, Mobile Web
  • Campaign Types: CPC, CPD, CPI, CPM
  • Supported Ad Formats: Content Lock, Interstitial, Offerwall, Rewards
  • Targeting: Custom
  • Key Markets: Europe, India, Japan, Kenya, South Africa, UK, United States
Key Features
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Social Sharing and Joint Discovery
  • Hundreds of Value-Exchanged Brand Ads
  • Editorial Reviews & Staff Picks

11) AdColony

AdColony is a premium video advertising network, which provides advertisers and brands with an engaged and responsive audience and offers monetization solutions to publishers and developers.


  • Mobile Platforms: Android, IOS
  • Campaign Types: CPM
  • Supported Ad Formats: Rich Media, Video
  • Targeting: Demographic
  • Key Markets: Global, US
Key Features
  • A wide range of ad formats
  • Real-time optimization and data sources
  • Expand your SDK footprint
  • Mobile design experts tailor fit your creative portfolio and drive results
  • They provide choices and flexibility with innovative ad formats
  • Create immersive experiences for your users and elevate your brand

12) Adcash

Adcash is a real-time advertising trading platform. It focuses on delivering high-performing solutions to brand advertisers globally and online publishers.

It also offers a range of mobile-specific advertising and monetization solutions, such as extensive plugin support, API integration, mobile SDK and high performing in-app and mobile web ad formats.


  • Mobile Platforms: Android, iOS, Mobile Web
  • Campaign Types: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPL, CPV
  • Supported Ad Formats: Banner, Interstitial, Video
  • Targeting: Custom
  • Key Markets: Global
Key Features
  • Maximize your site and get high payouts
  • Keep one step ahead with fraud and malware detection
  • A menu of ad formats for more flexibility and freedom
  • Adblock prevention
  • Predictive Algorithms
  • Advanced ad technology
  • Creation, optimization and reporting tools and analytics


The 12 ad networks listed here are consistent networks that handle billions of ad impressions every month.

You can always change to a different network if you are not 100% satisfied with your first choice.

Choosing the right ad network for your use is not an easy job, but positively, this list of top networks makes it a little stress-free for you.

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