Making money in today’s world is not a big task but when a child at the age of 4 or 5 starts making millions of money then it is unimaginable. Here is the list of top 10 self-made youngest millionaires who established their name in the whole world as an entrepreneur starting from nothing.

These people are inspiration for the generation.They made millions before they turned 20. If they can do then why not YOU! What one has to do is to take right initiative in right direction at right time and then everything is yours.

1) John Koon
Country: US
Field: Fashion
Net worth: $80 million

1John Koon

This young boy is making millions of dollars ever since he was of age 16. He is a quintessential entrepreneur and he took his love for automobiles into his business. He started auto parts business in New York City and he also is the major supplier for “Pimp My Ride”, a MTV reality show. Furthermore, he always has a great love for clothing and fashion, thus he entered into this section as well and launched clothing business which earned him more than $40 million.

2. Sean Belnick
Country: USA
Net worth: $50 million

5Sean Belnick

Sean Belnick was intrigued at the idea of selling things online – soat the age of 14, he designed his own website to serve that very purpose. Having a startup budget of only $500 for advertising funds and $100 for web hosting fees, he began selling small items like Pokémon cards to get himself familiar with the process. Before long, he had switched to selling office furniture on his new site,—a move that ended up earning him an estimated $24 million by the age of 20. He now has over 75 employees who work for him, and is setting his sights on the $50 million mark.

3. Nick D’Aloisio
Country: UK
Field:Smartphone app
Net worth: $30 million

4Nick D_Aloisio

D’Aloisio started using the computer at 9, and began writing apps for smartphones in 2008 when he was 12 – back when the Apple SDK was made released to public.
The Wimbledon school student taught himself how to code at the age of 12—a skill that paid off when he finally created the news app that grabbed Yahoo’s attention.
Nick D’Aloisio, this 17 year old millionaire, sold his smartphone app called Summly to Yahoo for a cool $30 million.

4. JuliethBrindak
Country: USA
Net worth: $30 million

7Julieth Brindak

When she was only 10, JuliethBrindak began drawing a group of made-up characters she called “cool girls,” including a primary character named “Miss O.” At 16, she launched a social networking site for tweens, called “Miss O & Friends,” inspired by her earlier drawings, and enlisted her mother and father to help put the site together with their combined graphic and business skills. It became an instant hit with fellow tweens who began visiting the website by the hundreds of thousands.“Miss O & Friends” earns Julieth money through advertising revenue, and was ranked the third largest girls-only website in 2011 by Inc. Magazine. The site now generates 10 million unique visitors per month, is worth an estimated $30 million, and continues to rely on word-of-mouth and very little advertising for success.

5. David and Catherine Cook
Country: US
Field: Website
Net worth: $10 million

6David and Catherine Cook

In March 2005 Catherine and her brother, David, were flipping through a high school yearbook and came up with an idea for a social networking site. They started when they were 14 and 16 years of age. The website has over 2 million users and attracts 20,000 new accounts each day, and the young entrepreneurs (now 19 and 21 years old) operate an enterprise that’s valued at $10 million.

6. Fraser Doherty
Country: UK
Field: Grammy’s Jam
Net worth: $8 million

10Fraser Doherty

Fraser Doherty began at the age of 14, using his grandmother’s recipes to make homemade jam, which he then sold to his neighbors in Edinburgh, Scotland. By 16, he’d created a huge demand for the stuff by tweaking the recipes on his own and calling it “SuperJam.” Business picked up so well that he dropped out of school to work full time, and he was soon after approached by a reputable supermarket chain in the UK in 2007, who offered to stock his product in all 184 of its stores. Taking out a loan worth around $9,000 from a local bank, Doherty used the money to cover expenses, including more factory time to increase production. And in 2009, with the help of his supermarket chain connection and the addition of Asda Wal-Mart as a stocking client, Fraser hit $1.2 million in sales. He also published a book called “The Superjam Cookbook,” available for sale through Amazon.

7. Ashley Qualls
Country: US
Field: Website
Net worth: $8 million

9Ashley Qualls

She is one of the youngest millionaires who started her career when she was just 14 years old. She launched where she showed her skill for designing in it after studying HTML for a few years. Late on, a huge number of visitors went to her website to ask her design their personal social network page, which was when the site start to explode and her career took off. Since then she is known for her personalization work of social network pages. now gets 7,000,000 unique visitors and 60 million page views per month and goes on to earn a lot of money through advertising.

8. Tyler Dikman
Country: US
Field: Technology
Net worth: $3.7 million

2Tyler Dikman

Tyler Dikman started his career with magic shows at birthday parties and he used to charge around $25 for his one-minute performance. He began his career at 10 years of age and he began to collect money like water. He got his first computer when he was of 10 and started the computer inside out. He used to repair computers for his teachers and charged them $15 per hour. Later he got a job at Merrill Lynch by babysitting Malcolm Taaffe’s children, who’s by the way the vice president of Merrill Lynch. At 15 years of age, he started his own company, Cooltronics and made his career into this technology line. He is the youngest technology entrepreneur and attained to the youngest millionaires group at a young age of 25.

9. Adam Horwitz
Country: UK
Field: Online Finance
Net worth: $1.8 million

3Adam Horwitz

He had an ambition to make a million-dollar company at the age of 21 years. So, Adam started his career by launching websites when he was just only 15 years old. Healso started Mobile Monopoly – an online course that taught peoples how to earn money by generating mobile marketing leads. He was able to sell this for a six-figure profit. He makes great amount of money online, and his best advice for those who chase the same is “Just go for it!”

10. Cameron Johnson: Greeting Card Green
Country: USA
Net worth: $1 million+

8Cameron Johnson

When he was 5, he started selling vegetables to his neighbors. In 1994, when he was just 9, he launched his first business from his home called Cheers and Tears, a greeting card company. By 12, he was making more than $50K a year.
He then bought 30 Ty Beanie Babies and earned 10 times that amount by selling them on eBay. Johnson then used $50K as seed money to kick-start his next venture called My EZ Mail, a confidential email forwarding service. Within months, MY EZ Mail was making Johnson $3000 in advertising revenue.
Johnson’s next project was called, an advertisement service that put scrolling advertising on top of web browsers.
At this point, a 15-year-old Johnson was making as much as $400,000 per month, and he was worth more than $1 million before he had even graduated high school.
Johnson started CertificateSwap in college, company which he later sold for a ‘six-figure amount’.The guy is now 28 years old, and worth a few million.

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