‘What should I blog about?‘ I get this question from bloggers on a regular basis.  You have researched everything about writing a blog, gaining traffic and content marketing. Yet, your laptop screen is blank because you don’t know what to write. Does the situation ring a bell? If your answer is a resounding “Yes,” then this blog has everything that will make blogging as easy as a breeze.

Today I have come up with a list of top 10 sources to help you write blogs on trending topics. I have also shared my experience to help you make a wise decision.

1. Quora



Quora is a platform where you can ask questions about anything and everything under the Sun. You can also connect with people who belong to your industry and gain unique insights and informative answers. From Dinosaurs to Self-Driving cars, you will find a diverse range of topics on Quora.

You can also ‘Follow’ relevant topics in your niche on Quora. Once you do so, you will find the most popular questions in your News Feed every time you log in. Check out the ‘News Questions’ tab to see the latest questions and answers related to your industry.

You can turn these questions into contents. Let us assume that you searched for ‘online assignment help.’ You will get a list of popular questions based on this keyword.

You can come up with something like ‘Top 6 ways to avail homework help online.’ Trust me when I say that Quora greets you with stellar suggestions.

My Verdict:

I started blogging in 2015 and I still use Quora to harbour fresh ideas for my blogs.  Quora has almost 300 million users. The questions are popular, genuine and serve as excellent traffic sources. I would recommend beginners to garner ideas from Quora for the first blog.

2. Medium



Medium is an online publishing platform with over 60 million active users daily. It consists of incredible content pieces from different industries. It is insanely popular among bloggers because it publishes only trending topics. You must check out the ‘Popular on Medium’ section. This section consists of all the posts that have the highest number of likes, shares and comments.

The platform also consists of a ‘category search’ option. You can use this feature to find posts relevant to your niche. Create your free account and log in to see the trending posts on Medium. Just like Quora, you can also ‘Follow’ bloggers and categories on Medium to see the latest posts shared by them.

My Verdict:

I consider Medium as a wonderful learning centre for beginners and the best place to gain momentum for professional bloggers. You can even upgrade your account to a premium version at just $5 a month.

3. Feedly



Feedly is a great tool to find trending topics for your blog posts. With more than 15 million users, it is quite a reliable platform for bloggers. It lets you follow popular blogs in your niche with just one click. You can choose a specific category and search for the relevant publications. Subscribe to their feed for free and get all the latest contents in your Feedly dashboard.

From technology to food, Feedly has got everything up to its sleeves. You can discover insightful contents from leading journals like the New York Times, creative blogs, YouTube channels, Tweets, and RSS Feeds. It has contents classified into four different categories such as Trends, Industries, Skills and Fun.

My Verdict:

The viewing experience is smooth, and the contents are splendid too. It provides effective ideas for content creation and website traffic. The unique feature about Feedly is that you can change the content layout and customize it to suit your needs.

4. Google Trends



Most of you may have heard about this tool already. It hosts a boatload of interesting features that help you to do comparative keyword research to identify the ones that are being talked about the most. You can analyze trends for web, images, video and Google Shopping. The tool also lets you find out trending stories for a specific location and category.

Enter a search name or a topic as shown in the image, and you will be bombarded with a slew of relevant suggestions. You can explore the latest stories, and the top questions asked all over the World. Since Game of Thrones: Season 8 premiered on April 2019, you may find it in the list of the latest stories. If you click on the link, you will find relevant questions, as seen in the image below.

My Verdict:

Google Trends is the perfect tool for both personal blogs as well as professional blogs. The results are accurate and it consists of many useful searches, probably more than what the other tools provide.

5. Buzzsumo



These days, almost every blog post consists of social share buttons. Why? It is because social media acts as a brilliant source for online traffic. Catch hold of the contents that are widely shared across social media platforms to understand what’s doing well. Buzzsumo will help you identify valuable and unique contents that are doing amazingly good all over social media.

Type a sample topic or keywords and you will get a list of URLs of relevant contents along with the number of shares it has received. This platform lets you discover the most trending contents along with the contents that are about to trend. You can search contents based on a period, advanced operators, type of the content, domains and author.

My Verdict:

Social media is a brilliant tool for effective content marketing. I look up to Buzzsumo to come up with content ideas that will gain the attention of my target audience in a short time.

6. LinkedIn Pulse

linkedin pulse


I suppose most of you are familiar with LinkedIn (it lets you browse relevant jobs in your industry). LinkedIn Pulse takes surfing to an entirely new level and helps you get hold of the top stories and professional conversations. Editors of LinkedIn curate these stories and publish them on the platform to inform content marketers of the trending topics.

It consists of a ‘What People are Talking About Now’ section. Click on it to find your regular dose of trending content ideas. The platform shares blog posts, news and insights from influential industry professionals. It will let you know about the topics that people are talking about currently. You can also publish your content on this platform to reach a larger audience.

My Verdict:

The content topics not only help me to generate client-centric blog posts but also helped me grow professional relationships. If you are looking forward to growing your business, LinkedIn Pulse might just be the thing for you.

7. Reddit



Have you ever had a friend who knew everything about everything? Reddit is quite similar to that Mr-Know-It-All. It might not be as popular as the other platforms, but it sure is valuable. You will find some interesting and fresh contents here with huge web traffic.

It consists of hot, new, rising, controversial and top contents from all over the World. You can also view contents based on a specific location. The ‘Original Contents’ tab on this platform lets you see only 100% original posts. That means you will not find those contents anywhere on the Internet.

My Verdict:

Reddit is an amazing platform for witty yet convincing content ideas. Considering the huge popularity Reddit enjoys, I can only say that it is worth a try. Let us know about your Reddit experience in the comments section below.

8. Pocket



No, this source won’t fit in your pocket, but it will bring your favorite articles at your fingertips. Pocket is an app that works wonder for content marketers. You can save important articles here and access them whenever you want. Following a recent update, a Pocket user can now explore contents of different niches.

You can search contents based on different categories such as Tech, Finance, Health, Travel, Must Reads, etc. You can also view contents that have been saved by the maximum users in the ‘Pocket Hits’ option. You can access this app on desktop and mobile devices as well.

My Verdict:

I suppose Pocket can do a lot better. It has fewer features than the rest of the platforms. Most importantly, it shows you the contents that have been shared by the Pocket Community. You may not find content on Game of Thrones if the members of the Pocket Community have not written about it.

9. Social Mention

social mention


Social Mention is quite a cool tool to ideate trending content ideas. You need to type in your keywords in the search bar and a list of real-time contents will show up on your screen. You will find blogs, videos, microblogs, etc.

This tool lets you be more specific about your keywords. It gives you the option to come up with exact key phrases for the most relevant results. Most of the contents on this platform are as recent as the last day, an hour or 12 hours.

My Verdict:

I haven’t got a chance to use this tool yet. However, my fellow bloggers do and they seem to do pretty well with it. Why don’t you give it a try and let me know your feedback?  Also, I have heard this platform is mostly biased with blogs that have maximum likes on social media.

10. Twitter



Is there anything that can move faster than the Flash? Twitter can. You can find a wide list of trending topics from the World’s most rapid stream of content. Trending content ideas will be up your sleeves before the news outlets have accessed them.

It consists of contents based on diverse niches. From major news stories to memes, you will find all the contents that have the possibility of going viral. You can also follow your interests and know what they are talking about. Join the conversation and gain unique ideas for your next blog post.

My Verdict:

Twitter is one of the most influential Social Media Platform where news spread like wildfire. But, the platform can get on your nerves at times due to its annoying ads and promotional insights. If you can beat these two loopholes, Twitter can give you amazing ideas for your blog posts.

Trending topics will fetch you more traffic followed by an increased number of leads and conversions. Use these sources to come up with trending ideas for your blog topics. You must outdo the trending contents to make your content stand out. Add an exciting twist to your topic the next time you write. Comment below and let me know how that works for you.

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